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18 March 2020

Why is CROSSING EUROPE canceled?

It is currently no longer possible to continue the preparations for CROSSING EUROPE, and judging from the current situation, it is not realistic to be able to open the festival on 21 April. Even if the situation were to calm down by then, it would not be responsible in respect to the health and well-being of our guests. Besides the program selection in regards to the event organization, a unique festival atmosphere is an important aspect of what makes CROSSING EUROPE such a special experience for our festival guests, and this is something that we have come to expect. This can now no longer be guaranteed. Especially the safety of everyone involved (the festival team as well as the festival audience) can no longer be ensured. This is why a cancellation is unavoidable.

Why will the festival not be moved to another date?

Unfortunately, legal agreements, as well as financial and personnel resources make a re-scheduling of the festival impossible. At the time of the cancellation the majority of the festival budget has already been allotted, or has been spent. Legally binding requirements have already come into effect. Adding to that, the major part of the employees work within temporary contracts, thus it is incredibly hard to find a different date to fit everyone’s individual yearly planning.

Is there the possibility that individual aspects of the program will take place at a later date or online?

CROSSING EUROPE is an analog cultural event that lives from the lively atmosphere. This is why it is hard to replace these positive vibes in a smaller setting. However, the festival team is currently thinking about ways in which parts of the planned film program can be made accessible to the public in other ways. CROSSING EUROPE intends to offer an opportunity to the filmmakers and the works that were selected for the festival to be shown in another manner – even if this may be in a slimmed down fashion – either as screenings of selected programs over the coming months, or through a VoD platform. We would ask you for patience though, as soon as there are concrete plans we will communicate these on our festival website as well as through our social media channels. Additionally to those efforts we will publish our festival catalog on 8 April, as well as a festival newspaper in digital form, in order to document the planned festival program.

Who can I ask if I have further questions?

The CROSSING EUROPE office can be reached at info@crossingeurope.at.

What will happen to purchased festival passes and CrossingMovie-Cards?

All those who have already purchased festival passes for this year’s edition can either use them for the eighteenth edition of CROSSING EUROPE next year, be reimbursed for the tickets, or forgo that and thereby donate to support CROSSING EUROPE. Affected persons can choose an option HERE. CrossingMovie-Cards are valid for the 2021 festival edition.

How will this continue?

At this point in time our priorities are to adhere to the health and safety measures and to contain the damage to CROSSING EUROPE, all of the team members, and all participating artists, filmmakers and partners (also in regards to the finances).