Press Release #2/24

Festival Trailer: RAUSCHFARBEN | Working Worlds 2024 | Cinema Next Europe Club | GOLDEN BAG Window Display Contest

08.03.2024 // In just under eight weeks from now, Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz (30 April – 5 May) will present young, courageous and unconventional auteur cinema from across Europe. In this press release, we are presenting this year’s festival trailer, for which we were able to recruit the Linz-born filmmaker Lorenz Tröbinger.
An exploration of sound. “Rauschfarben”, or “Colors of Noise”, describes the acoustic composition of noise, the relationship between different frequencies within – the difference between wind, waterfall, and highway. Here, the acoustic space responds to movements and can be tested and manipulated. Gradually revealing its secrets yet never fully resolving its mysteries.

Tröbinger’s films fall within the genre of fantastic film and explore encounters with the unknown and the other. He is currently studying at the Vienna Film Academy and is working on his first feature-length film. He has already been represented at Crossing Europe with two short films, a music video and as a jury member for the Competition Local Artists in 2022.
Working Worlds – Vocation: Change!
Under the title Vocation: Change!, the Working Worlds program 2024 centers on people whose professional activities fluently merge with activist action – sometimes more and sometimes less by choice or intention. WAS BLEIBT – JOURNALISTINNEN IN KRISENREGIONEN (DE 2023) by Lotta Pommerien offers a glimpse into the work of three female journalists in crisis areas who are confronted with patriarchal structures, dictatorial regimes, and terror organizations. In BEAUTY AND THE LAWYER (AM/FR 2023) director Hovhannes Ishkhanyan observes the relationship between a drag performer and an LGBTIQA+ rights lawyer who, faced with the queer-hostile mainstream society in Armenia, simply wish to live a normal life. The program section was curated by Lina Dinkla (DOK Leipzig) and Katharina Franck, the full program will be announced on 19 April.
Cinema Next Europe Club & GOLDEN BAG Window Display Contest
Young filmmakers from Austria have the chance to apply for the 5th Cinema Next Europe Club as part of Crossing Europe until 15 March. Further information can be found on the Cinema Next website.
And until 10 April, stores in Linz can once again register for the GOLDEN BAG Window Display Contest and its 2024 motto "EUROPE - Bright and Colorful", which calls for creatively decorated window displays to provide festival flair to the city center. Details can be found on the website.
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