Crossing Europe Festivaltrailer 2022: I WISH I HAD GONE TO THE CINEMA

Director: Raphaela Schmid | AT 2022 | 1 min

In 2022 the festival trailer was created by Raphaela Schmid (*1990), a filmmaker from Linz. Schmid studied philosophy in Berlin, Vienna and São Paulo, before beginning her studies in directing, script writing, and dramaturgy at the Film Academy in Vienna. Her films have been shown and awarded at multiple international and national film festivals. Her most recent film FISCHE (AT 2020) was part of the CROSSING EUROPE Extracts in 2020, and was awarded at the Diagonale 2021 as well as the film festival Max Ophüls 2021 and was nominated for the Austrian Film Award. Her short films DIE STAUBWIEGE | THE SWEET COMFORT OF MY NIGHTMARES (AT 2015; CE16) and NACH SAISON | POST SEASON (AT 2017; CE18) were part of past editions of CROSSING EUROPE in the Local Artists program section.


In the festival trailer 2022, a man sits and stares apathetically at his TV set in the midst of an artificial world – and the TV set stares back. An interplay of perspectives, in which the positions of observer and observed subject are increasingly blurred. Again and again interferences pull the audience from one film to the next and somewhere in between the protagonist’s face gets lost – had he just gone to the cinema.