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While scientific research and advancing technology more than ever make a permanent habitat conceivable, two people are preparing for their one-way trip to Mars. Their personal reasons for colonizing the red planet appear quite concerning to all of us. Both are torn between dreams of a prospective life on Mars and their current reality on Earth.


Magdalena Reichinger and Anna Prischl
Magdalena Reichinger was born in Linz in 1991. She studied cultural and social anthropology in Vienna and is currently graduating her master's program “Visual Anthropology” at Georg-August-University Göttingen. Prischl hails from Wels, where since 2018 she is one of the directors of the youth media festival YOUKI. She lives and works as a curator in Vienna.

Film Selection: Beyond (2019, doc)

Local Artists 2019

Magdalena Reichinger, Anna Prischl

Austria / Germany 2018
47 minutes