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MONȘTRI. / Monsters.

MONȘTRI. / Monsters.

“The trick is to keep breathing,” says Dana as she takes a drag off the first cigarette she’s had in years. It feels somewhat inevitable, as they are constantly offered to her by the Bucharest taxi driver whom she has engaged for the whole night. Smoking is one of the things you do on a stakeout, and how else would you describe hanging out outside your own apartment building, looking up at its darkened windows? Marius Olteanu’s Monsters. is a remarkable debut - wise, compassionate, surprising - about a couple staking out their own slowly imploding marriage like it’s a partially dismantled apartment with no one home. (Jessica Kiang, Variety)

Marius Olteanu
Marius Olteanu was born in Bucharest in 1979. He graduated from the Film Directing Department of the National University of Theater and Film “I.L. Caragiale”, Romania. He received an MA in film directing from the National Film and Television School, United Kingdom. Marius Olteanu is also a published photographer. Following four short films, “Monsters.“ is Olteanu’s first feature-length film.

Film Selection: Monștri. (Monsters., 2019) - No Man’s Land (2017, short) - Tie (2015, short) - Why Don't You Dance? (2008, short) - Sunday Afternoon (2007, short)

Competition Fiction 2019

Marius Olteanu

Romania 2019
116 minutes

Luchian Ciobanu
Ioachim Stroe
Mihnea Bogos
Judith State, Cristian Popa, Alexandru Potocean, Șerban Pavlu, Dorina Lazăr, Gabriel Răuță, Alina Berzunțeanu, Alina Tarbă, Rolando Matsangos, Rodica Lazăr
Claudiu Mitcu, Robert Fița, Ioachim Stroe, Marius Olteanu



Parada Film, Wearebasca
World Sales

Alpha Violet

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Berlinale 2019

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere