EXTRACTS on VoD | 21 April to 20 May

Considering that cultural life, and thus also going to the cinema has moved into the world of the internet within our own four walls, CROSSING EUROPE will present ten current European feature films, and documentaries from every section of the main program of 2020 as streams to the Austrian audiences from 21 April onward. As platforms we were able to win over the “KINO VOD CLUB – Kino für zuhause” and our long-standing VoD partner “FLIMMIT”. On both VoD platforms all ten films can be streamed for the same price.

HERE you can find all films from CROSSING EUROPE EXTRACTS.

| FLIMMIT is a Video-on-Demand platform of the Austrian broadcasting corporation and a long-standing partner of CROSSING EUROPE. Over the past years, many European festival films from the CROSSING EUROPE collection were made available to the Austrian public through this platform. #streamenaufösterreichisch www.flimmit.com |

| The film rental KINO VOD CLUB gives one third of their price to selected arthouse cinemas. This way you can directly support our cinema partner Moviemento. #einsaalbleibtoffen www.vodclub.online |

We would also like to recommend industry platforms (such as Festival Scope Pro) to the international professional audiences, many of the films that were planned for the festival program can be watched online.