Tribute VALIE EXPORT @ Ars Electronica 2020

10 to 13 September | Moviemento

The Tribute 2020 is dedicated to one of the most important representatives of international conceptual media, film, and performance art: VALIE EXPORT. On the occasion of her 80th birthday, CROSSING EUROPE takes a closer look at her many-layered cinematographic oeuvre with a selection of the feature and experimental films by the artist born in Linz. The way she deals with the social standing of women, her experiments with new media, and the shift in perception that comes along with it, make VALIE EXPORT an international pioneer of media and feminist art. We are happy to announce that the Tribute will be able to be shown within the framework of this year’s Ars Electronica festival, where the artist will also be presented with the festival award “Visionary Pioneer of Feminist Media Art of the Prix Ars Electronica 2020”. 

The Tribute VALIE EXPORT presents a selection of shorts and feature length films from a period of over forty years. This includes three feature films, experimental studies, cinematographic self-portraits, actions and research that is partly on 8mm film, and videos that were conceptualized for cinema, exhibition spaces, and television. For more in-depth reading we would recommend the Tribute essay “Feminism and Media Avant-Garde” by Brigitta Burger-Utzer to be found HERE on our website. In addition the program includes a TV-series by VALIE EXPORT on the film avantgarde.

| Complete list of films including film descriptions HERE |

The Tribute VALIE EXPORT will take place in cooperation with the Ars Electronica, with support from the VALIE EXPORT CENTER LINZ, and in collaboration with sixpackfilm.
Additional partners:   Lentos Kunstmuseum (exhibition Hommage à VALIE EXPORT; 30 September to 10 January 2021), Art University in LinzFC – Francisco Carolinum (exhibition VALIE EXPORT Collection Care; until 13 September), OK Offenes Kulturhaus im OÖ Kulturquartier (exhibition: Cyberarts 2020 – Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition incl. pieces by VALIE EXPORT; 10 to 15 September)