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Architektur und Gesellschaft / Architecture and Society

CROSSING EUROPE presents, now for the eighth time, the section Architecture and Society, curated by Lotte Schreiber.

Under the title GENDER & SPACE, this year the section explores the relationship between gender roles and space. Centering around Sofia Exarchou’s multiple award-winning Greek debut film park, a four-part film program pursues the question of the extent to which the social construct of “gender” influences our perception and ideas of real and imaginary spaces. In PARK the director situates a coming-of-age story on the periphery of Athens, specifically in the Olympic Games buildings, which have been vacant and decaying for more than ten years. They become the stage for gender-specific self-representations and an intimate place of retreat for first sexual experiences. The female body as actor in transitory space is the focus of the journal-like documentary film Wanderlust, cuerpos en tránsito. This film accompanies two young women from different backgrounds, who travel exclusively over land and water from Egypt to Germany. The Kurdish-Canadian documentary filmmaker Zaynê Akyol focuses on the role of Kurdish women in the armed battle over a territory in Gulîstan, terre de roses , offering an insight into an unknown, hidden everyday life. Solitude, quiet and the untamed forces of nature dominate the life of the scientist Aušra Revutaite in the Kazakh mountains in the Lithuanian film Woman and the Glacier by the director, jury member 2017 and 2008 Tribute guest Audrius Stonys. In contrast to this, the Latvian short film Garāžas shows the audience the testosterone-dominated world of garages. 

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