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Competition Documentary

Altogether ten documentary works are brought together in this competition section, thematically and geographically spanning a broad arch right across Europe and beyond.

Three of the competition films focus on looking back at more recent European history: in DIERA V HLAVE Robert Kirchhoff follows the traces of the Roma and Sinti genocide during the Nazi era and the Second World War all across Europe and questions the “last” survivors, contemporary witnesses and representatives of the generation born afterward. With the help of archive material and fairy-tale-like stories, the Animated Documentary KUUN METSÄN KAISA transports us into the world of the Skolt Sami in Finnish-Lapland – a fascinating nomadic people belonging to the Sami, of which there are now only 1000 people. Like a thriller, the Serbian documentary film DUBINA DVA reconstructs atrocities surrounding a massacre, which was carried out during the Bosnian War and was supposed to be covered up. The film ZAVTRA MORE also focuses on human-caused suffering – the “self-made” environmental disaster, which caused the Aral Sea to dry up around the turn of the millennium, massively threatens the existence of the remaining population. Highly topical political events form the contents of DIL LEYLA and POLÍTICA, MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES – on the one hand a portrait of a young Kurdish mayor in Turkey, on the other a look behind the scenes of the Spanish Podemus movement. The way it is often just a small step from failed politics to war is made painfully clear in two other films in this section: in one of this year’s opening films, RODNYE, Vitaly Mansky provides a documentary family constellation against the background of the simmering military conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. THE WAR SHOW offers an inside view of the cruel proxy war in Syria and the shattering of all the dreams of an entire generation. A direct consequence of these wars are flight and migration. These themes also play a significant role in this edition of the festival as well – two very different documentary positions are found in this competition section: in DE KINDEREN VAN JUF KIET we see a determined primary school teacher, who is able to convey the curriculum and reach the hearts of her little charges at the same time, despite traumatic experiences of flight. STRANGER IN PARADISE is located at the boundary between reality and fiction. Arranged as a concept film, different views of the topic of refugees are presented in the course of multiple episodes.

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