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Competition Fiction

Twelve film discoveries can be seen in this section this year, ten feature-length film debuts and two second feature-length films.

Three of the competition films tell coming-of-age stories in different variations set in breathtaking landscapes (ANIŞOARA, HJARTASTEINN and PÄEVAD, MIS AJASID SEGADUSSE). Another visually fascinating film is the Georgian contribution SKHVISI SAKHLI, that deals with the theme of “displaced persons” in the Abkhazian conflict of the 1990s. Socio-political issues are scrutinized, although in very different ways in BEZBOG and SELBSTKRITIK EINES BÜRGERLICHEN HUNDES. “Young adults under pressure” could be the common theme of the other six films of the section: whether it is young Danish doctors in training about to take the step into “real” life (I BLODET), the hard daily life of three street prostitutes with contrary life dreams (VÂNĂTOARE) , or dysfunctional family constellations that force the protagonists to take action (COMPTE TES BLESSURES, THE LEVELLING, NE GLEDAJ MI U PIJAT, ŠVENTASIS).

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