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Nachtsicht / Night Sight

For the tenth time, the film journalist and festival-maker Markus Keuschnigg has curated the NIGHT SIGHT at CROSSING EUROPE and this year again presents five unusual feature films – all of them from the genre of the “fantastic film”.

This time the curator prefaces them with the motto: Once upon a time there was reality …

The Night Sight program serves up five alternatives to realistic descriptions of the state of the here and now, outstanding and maladjusted European productions, which each approach the warps and rifts of the present in their own unmistakable way: pregnant mothers who sink sharp blades into arteries (Prevenge), alcoholics growing beyond themselves through self-destruction (Ron Goossens, Low-Budget Stuntman), lesbian terrorist cells destroying themselves from within (The Misandrists), rationalists overgrown by the primal forces of nature (Without Name), those with their backs against a wall, who start mutually sabotaging one another instead of sticking together (El bar). The selected positions call for taking a stance – toward oneself, toward one’s fellow human beings, and toward the world around us, and that in a thoroughly moral, humanist sense. 

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