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Arbeitswelten / Working Worlds

For the 14th time, this section illuminates European working worlds and realities in a time of globalization and economic crises.

This year the series, curated by Katharina Riedler, revolves around the theme of meaningfulness of work under the title What We Do. The four selected works (three documentary films and one fictional work) raise questions such as: What do we actually work for? For personal fulfillment? To live well? Or simply to survive? – The central film this year is the fictional “experimental arrangement” LA MANO INVISIBLE, which focuses on essential things like the meaning, appreciation, and visibility of work, which can also be found in the other films. In David Macian’s feature-length debut, work becomes merely a show, an empty, mechanical, purposeless activity. The teachers portrayed in the German long-term observation ZWISCHEN DEN STÜHLEN are confronted with manifold challenges and are also not driven solely by idealism. In contrast, a protagonist in the visual stunning French documentary film QUELQUE CHOSE DE GRAND, the young construction worker Joao, talks proudly about how working in construction has become a part of him: “It looks as though you were useless, but you are needed.” In the second documentary film from France, DERRIÈRE LES PIERRES, a filmic monument is dedicated to a factory that has long existed, hidden in the midst of the metropolis of Paris, before it vanishes into the periphery and out of the urban world of life. 

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