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Nachtsicht / Night Sight

For the eleventh time, the film journalist and festival producer Markus Keuschnigg has again curated the Night Sight at CROSSING EUROPE. Five films will be presented again this year – all of them to be categorized as “fantastic film”. This year the curator places the section under the motto: “The Stranglehold of Good Taste. This year’s Night Sight is accordingly proud of allowing the (in the best sense) deviant and the painful to win out and to whisk the audience away into five more or less dangerous worlds of imagination.”

The Night Sight opener The Cured unfolds a contemporary political allegory, in which “cured” ex-zombies struggle for social re-integration (see p. 10). The (presumed) hunters become the hunted, both in REVENGE by Coralie Fargeat and in Benjamin Barfoot’s Double Date, as strong women ultimately set the tone. In Bertrand Mandico’s Les garçons sauvages the wild boys from the title are loaded onto a galley for the purpose of domestication and brought to a mysterious island with luxurious (and supernatural) vegetation. A “parallel world” also unfolds in HOUSEWIFE, as an old acquaintance (presumed to have disappeared) entices a well-to-do woman into a sect, where a guru seeks to tear down all boundaries between dream and reality.

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