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LA SOLEDAD / Solitary Fragments

LA SOLEDAD / Solitary Fragments

Single mother Adela leaves behind her pastoral Basque setting and moves to Madrid. She takes an unfulfilling job to support her new life, in which everything is centered around her infant son. A terrorist attack on a bus will shatter her life, with her eventually having to accept that she has to return to a new daily routine... Antonia owns a small supermarket. The widow leads a quiet life centered around work, her boyfriend Manolo and her beloved daughters, Inés, Nieves and Helena. - In four chapters, Solitary Fragments follows these two women through their lives, showing us the people that matter to them, and slowly tying their lives together.

Film Selection: Petra (2018) - Hermosa juventud (Beautiful Youth, 2014) - Sueño y silencio (Dream and Silence, 2012) - Tiro en la cabeza (Bullet in the Head, 2008) - La soledad (Solitary Fragments, 2007) - Las horas del día (The Hours of the Day, 2003, CE'04)

Tribute 2019

Jaime Rosales

Spain 2007
130 minutes

Óscar Durán
Nino Martínez Sosa
Eva Valiño
Sonia Almarcha, Petra Martínez, Miriam Correa, Nuria Mencía, María Bazán, Jesus Cracio
Ricard Figueras, José María Morales, Jaime Rosales



In Vitro Films, Fresdeval Films, Wanda Visión
World Sales

The Match Factory

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Cannes Film Festival 2007