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L'ÎLE AU TRÉSOR / Treasure Island

L'ÎLE AU TRÉSOR / Treasure Island

The summer season at a recreation center not far from Paris is in full swing, and the extensive park and swimming area have come alive with the tumult of visitors. Unbeknownst to the security guards, rowdy boys slip in without paying, vying for the favor of pretty girls with daring jumps off a high bridge into the water. Initially we find amusing character traits among the vacationers and center employees, but more troubled human lives permeate the situations here presented. A glimpse into the mindsets of French and immigrants who lack the means for a more exotic vacation. (Martin Horyna, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival)

Guillaume Brac
Born in Paris in 1977, Guillaume Brac studied film at the Film School La fémis. Initially he assisted Emmanuel Mouret and Arnaud des Pallières. In 2009 he shot the short film "Stranded", followed by the medium-length film "A World Without Women". His first feature film was "Tonerre", followed by "July Tales". "The Treasure Island" is his latest film. 

Film Selection: L' Île au trésor (The Treasure Island, 2018, doc) - Contes de juillet (July Tales, 2017) - Le Repos des braves (2016, short doc) - Tonnerre (2013) - A World Without Women (Un monde sans femmes, 2011, medium-length) - Le naufragé (Stranded, 2009, short) - Le funambule (2006, short)

Competition Documentary 2019

Guillaume Brac

France 2018
97 minutes

Karen Benainous
Nicolas Joly, Arnaud Marten
Yongjin Jeong
Nicolas Anthomé



World Sales


Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2018

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere