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TIRO EN LA CABEZA / Bullet in the Head

TIRO EN LA CABEZA / Bullet in the Head

Ion is apparently a normal guy. He gets up in the morning, has breakfast, sorts his things, meets his lawyers. One night he meets a girl at a party. They spend the night together at her flat. His life follows its course uneventfully. A phone call in a phone box; a meeting with a friend; small, unimportant everyday situations. One day he gets into a car with another two people. They drive across the border to France. They spend the night at a couple’s house. The next morning, after a chance meeting in a roadside cafe, they kill two civil guards in plain clothes. (Cineuropa)

Film Selection: Petra (2018) - Hermosa juventud (Beautiful Youth, 2014) - Sueño y silencio (Dream and Silence, 2012) - Tiro en la cabeza (Bullet in the Head, 2008) - La soledad (Solitary Fragments, 2007) - Las horas del día (The Hours of the Day, 2003, CE'04)

Tribute 2019

Jaime Rosales

Spain / France 2008
85 minutes

Óscar Durán
Nino Martinez Sosa
David Machado
Ion Arretxe, Íñigo Royo, Jaione Otxone, Ana Vila, Asun Arretxe, Stephanie Pecastaing
Jaime Rosales, José María Morales, Jérôme Dopffer



Fresdeval Films, Wanda Vision, Les Productions de Balthazar
World Sales

The Match Factory

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
San Sebastián International Film Festival 2008

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere