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Starting every evening at 10 pm, the musical Nightline in the OK Deck offers an opportunity to extend the festival day until late in the night. The audience can expect an outstanding line-up again

Daily, starting at 10 pm. OK Deck and OK lounge (Freideck), OK Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich, OK Platz 1 (3rd floor), 4020 Linz. Admission free.

The CROSSING EUROPE Nightline is curated by corridor – Bogendorfer/Mayrhofer.

TUESDAY, 25 April

Civil Civic

Live: Civil Civic (AU/GB/ES)
DJ: 7 Citizens (Praterei, Hundred20, Waxolutionists, AT)

A custom-built synthesizer, worn out dance shoes, a bass and a guitar are the instruments used by the two congenial electro-punk-rockers. Hymn-like pop melodies (The Cure at HighSpeed!) and a wild mix of stadium- and basement party guarantee party de luxe.
A fat club sound and a long evening of dancing are already provided on the first evening by the dynamic Viennese 7 Citizens.


turn | table | tennis
DJs: Abby Lee Tee & Memet Acuma (AT)

“The name should already explain what the evening is about,” announced the congenial local heroes from the Stadtwerkstatt for the premiere of this format four years ago. Since then they have been creating parties around a ping-pong table, which has already achieved cult status with an unconstrained symbiosis of sportly ambition and musical adventures. So, put TTAPP on your device & get ready for some action!

THURSDAY, 27 April

Live: Mndsgn (Stones Throw, US)
DJs: Sofie (Stones Throw/NTS Radio, AT) / Andaka (Shash Records, AT)

Ringo Ancheta aka MNDSGN opens the doors to an often psychedelic, but also funky world of Soul, Rhythm 'n' Blues and Hip Hop. Like his comrade Knxwledge, Mndsgn releases his music on the legendary label Stones Throw Records, where Sofie from Vienna is also at home. The co-founder of the Boiler Room and radio-maker (NTS Radio London) embodies a genuine generation of young activists – together with the “perfect match” from Linz: Andaka. In cooporation with the Linzer Electronic Club The Future Sound.


FRIDAY, 28 April

Mavi Phoenix

Live: Mavi Phoenix (AT)
DJs: H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY feat. XATXAT (AT)

The young rapper from Linz attracted attention a few years ago with her charmingly produced own releases. In the meantime Mavi Phoenix has arrived in the mainstream and is setting out to discover the big world of pop. 
On top of that, with H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY there is a highly energetic DJ ready to go. Between Contemporary Club and Hip Hop they mix obscure dance tracks from all the world and every era. 

SATURDAY, 29 April

Xiu Xiu
Rona Geffen

Live: Xiu Xiu (US)
DJs: Rona Geffen (IL/DE) / DearNo (AT)

Xiu Xiu (pronounced: “Shu Shu”) operate skillfully between pop culture and avant-garde. Joy Divison, Rihanna and Angelo Badalamenti all send their regards. With synths, drum machines, fevery personality sketches and exotic instrumentation they provide a simultaneously disturbing and enthralling clash of sounds.
Rona Geffen from Berlin appears in the festival film Raw Chicks, produces techno, sometimes also likes pop, shakes up obsolete gender roles, and vehemently demands sexual equality.
The producer, musician and sound artist from Linz, Arno Deutschbauer aka Dear No, begins and ends this promising night of music.

SUNDAY, 30 April

DJs: J’aime Julien (Malefiz, Sisters, AT) / Jean et Pierre (AT)

At the queer party series from Solaris everyone is welcome. Diversity is written here LARGE and celebrated with finest pop music from the last three decades. So come as you are: colorful, shrill, loud. And don’t forget: Schmusn! means smooch, smooch, smooch!

The newspaper Der Standard invites you to enjoy Happy Hour with a bottle of  Trumer Hopfenspiel. Just present your cinema ticket from the day between 10 pm and 11 pm from 25 to 29 April at the Nightline Bar in the OK Deck. As long as supplies last.

For admission to the Nightline: priority with accreditation and festival pass! Due to fire safety regulations, the number of persons permitted in the OK Deck is limited. As experience has shown that jams are unfortunately inevitable, festival pass and accreditation holders will be admitted first. Thank you for your understanding, if this should result in longer waiting lines for admission.