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The musical Nightline in the OK Deck offers an opportunity to extend the festival day until late in the night. The audience can expect an outstanding line-up again

Daily in the OK Deck + on 27 April in UNTEN
Doors open at 10:00 pm | Live-acts: 11:00 pm, except 27 & 28 April: Midnight
Free admission!

Nightline curated by corridor – Bogendorfer / Mayrhofer, UNTEN on 27 April by Markus Reindl & corridor.


Live-acts: 11:00 pm, OK Deck

Live-acts: Silvana Imam (SE), Selbstlaut (AT) 
DJ: Kapazunda (AT)

The award-winning Swedish rap star celebrates a double Austrian debut in Linz: on the screen and at the Nightline. In her music Silvana Imam sees the world through the eyes of a migrant daughter and queer feminist. She provokes, antagonizes fascists and misogynists, and she is now becoming the idol of a new generation.

The evening opens with Selbstlaut, a savvy voice in Austrian hip hop – lyrically adept and well-versed in socio-political criticism.

THURSDAY, 26 April

Live-act: 11:00 pm, OK Deck

Live-act: Tents (AT)
DJs: MaDa-me (AT)

In terms of Indie-Post-Punk-Wave, the TENTS are considered one of the hottest items of 2018. Their new album will be released in late April on Numavi Rec. We look forward to the many live pop-diamonds, more rough than polished, but all the more memorably turned into great songs.

MaDa-me is a young DJ duo from Linz, kicking off the evening with Indie from A – Z. 

FRIDAY, 27 April

Live-acts: Midnight, OK Deck / UNTEN

OK Deck – Floor 1:   
BASSTRACE (AT) mit Damask, Dubnius, Isonoe, Ronya, Nobody, Scooped (live), Ronin Saedi, The Zion Archives & Visuals by Syrup Visuals

UNTEN – Floor 2:
HVL (Bassiani/Horoom, Tiflis/GE), Therese Terror (femdex, AT), DearNo (Shash Rec., AT)

In cooperation with UNTEN this night is devoted to club culture. In the OK Deck when a sound system is mentioned, then it is an elaborately made Wall of Sound, called Modulith. It is a jewel, a perfectly formed modular beauty for rendering accentuated, fat bass sounds. While Basstrace celebrate the “trueshool of dubstep”, HVL, a productive representative of the electronic music scene of Georgia, heads into the club space UNTEN, building a bridge together with the two local representatives between electronica and techno. 

SATURDAY, 28 April

Live-acts: Midnight, OK Deck

Live-act: L.A. Salami (GB)
DJs: Girl Jam (AT)

The guitarist and songwriter Lookman Adekunle Salami plays innovative folk music and has a fantastic voice. For the festival, he and his band present a spirited variation of blues-induced rock, magnificently combined with charming lyrics.

Before and after that, DJ Flora Randale (aka Alex Augustin/ FM4) and DJ Kaktus (aka Katie Tränk / Sex Jams/ pink noise Girls Rock Camp) ensure an exuberant party mood with doo-wop to hip hop, from pop to punk!

SUNDAY, 29 April

from 10:00 pm, OK Deck

DJ: Joja (AT)

Awards Presentation: Hurray! Joja spoils the audience with the latest club sounds. She is an architect, radio host (FM4 La Boum De Luxe) and DJ. With her colleagues from V ARE she organizes the festival “Reform Act”; her musical debut will be released this year on the label “duzzdownsan”. Plus: “A warm welcome” to all the dance-hungry souls who want to go on celebrating after of the Posthof gig of the Sleaford Mods.

MONDAY, 30 April

Live-act: 11:00 pm, OK Deck

Live & DJs: FEMME DMC (AT)
Femme DMC: Dacid Go8lin, Dj Countessa, Samy, Vjane Mjane
Femme DMSisters: Bella Diablo, Gal Code, Miranda Medusa

Similar to the opening evening, a new, self-confident generation of female musicians invites all festival guests to celebrate the last evening with them as well. FEMME DMC is a label, a regular club in Vienna, a platform for female hip hop and, not least of all, a self-empowerment imperative. Their parties with dancers, rappers, graffiti-writers, and DJs are legendary.

The newspaper Der Standard invites you to enjoy Happy Hour with a bottle of  Trumer Hopfenspiel. Just present your cinema ticket from the day between 10 pm and 11 pm from 25 to 29 April at the Nightline Bar in the OK Deck. As long as supplies last.

For admission to the Nightline: priority with accreditation and festival pass! Due to fire safety regulations, the number of persons permitted in the OK Deck and Club UNTEN is limited. As experience has shown that jams are unfortunately inevitable, festival pass and accreditation holders will be admitted first. Thank you for your understanding, if this should result in longer waiting lines for admission.