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Following the successful pilot project last April, in 2018 CROSSING EUROPE again offers a specially conceived film education program under the title SCHOOL @ CROSSING EUROPE. Classes of higher level pupils and apprentices can experience especially assembled film screenings of current European cinema films. The focus here is on direct communication with the filmmakers and an engagement with the medium of film. Specially prepared school materials support teachers in preparing for and later reflecting on the films. A total of three film programs will be shown during the festival the end of April, all of them in German or with German subtitles (each with an introduction and a discussion with the film guests afterward) on the following mornings:

Wednesday, 25 April – 10:30 am (Moviemento)
Dröm vidare / Beyond Dreams / TRÄUM WeITER (SE 2017, D: Rojda Sekersöz, original version with German subtitles) – feature film
// Admission: € 7,- for pupils – free admission for accompanying teachers. //

Thursday, 26. April – 10:30 am (Ursulinensaal in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter)
Blind & Hässlich / Ugly & Blind (DE 2017, D: Tom Lass, original German version) – feature film
// Admission: € 7,- for pupils – free admission for accompanying teachers. //

Friday, 27 April – 10:30 am (Ursulinensaal in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter)
SMART UP YOUR LIFE (AT 2017/18, various directors, original German version) – short film program by young people from Upper Austria on the theme of “Approaching One Another: Fleeing – Interculture – Living Together”
// FREE Admission //

The so-called “Social Climate Day” takes place now for the fifth time on 27 April 2018. Numerous associations and institutions dedicate this day to the improvement of the social climate in Austria. In keeping with this, the short film program “Smart Up Your Life” presents video works created during video workshops and school projects since fall 2017. Starting from the paperback book “I’m not going along with that … Arguments for Living Together Well”, young people used their smartphones to shoot short films on the theme “Approaching One Another: Fleeing – Interculture – Living Together”. They were then invited to enter these for the “Smart Up Your Life” short film competition (until 16 February 2018) – as an offer for young people to become artistically active in the fields of storytelling, new media and global learning, because media skills today also increasingly mean political skills. Selected contributions from this competition will be shown during CROSSING EUROPE in conjunction with “School @ Crossing Europe”. –  Smart Up Your Life” is a cooperation project of Welthaus Linz, the department of development policies of the Diocese of Linz, “Land der Menschen – Aufeinander zugehen OÖ” and the Federal Province of Upper Austria. 

Contact: Crossing Europe Festival, Lisa Theresa Buchwiser, buchwisersymbolcrossingEuropepunktat 

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