Supporting Program 2023

Thursday, 27.4.

Creative Europe Get-Together – Meet the Festival Guests

in cooperation with Creative Europe Desk – Culture & MEDIA
4 pm, OK Deck, in German & English

Lentos Featured Artist: VALIE EXPORT, Katharina Gruzei, Ann Oren, Ulrike Ottinger, Apolonia Sokol

Soft Opening
6 pm, Lentos Kunstmuseum

Film Night City Library Linz

in cooperation with
7:30 pm, Wissensturm, 1. floor, Room 2, registration required

Freitag, 28.4.

Tribute Talk: Angeliki Papoulia

in cooperation with the Kunstuniversität Linz – Zeitbasierte und Interaktive Medienkunst
Moderation: Neil Young
4 pm, OK Deck & Online-Stream, in English

CINEMA NEXT EUROPE CLUB – Selected Shorts (Screening & Dialogue)
For four years now, the emerging talent initiative Cinema Next – Junger Film aus Österreich has been inviting young Austrian filmmakers to the Cinema Next Europe Club so they can draw input from the festival programs, network and present to each other the feature film projects that they have currently in the works. A small festival campus, so to speak. This year, the Club will open up and host three European guests who are also preparing their feature film debuts. Recent and award-winning fiction and documentary shorts from these international participants will be shown in a public screening and discussed in a dialog with their Club colleagues and an interested audience.


11 am, Movie 3, in English

Samstag, 29.4.

TALK: Showing the Unshowable?

in cooperation with, Guests: Lina Dinkla (DOK Leipzig, Working Worlds Curator) & Vitaly Mansky (SHIDNY FRONT / EASTERN FRONT, LV/UA/CZ/US 2023)
1 pm, Movie 1, in German

Talk: Action!  Challenges in the Film Business: Sustainability and Fairness

hosted by Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria in cooperation with Film- und Musikwirtschaft/WKOO
Guests: Manuel Bauer (das narrativ, Linz), Lena Weiss (Glitter & Doom, Wien), Moderation: Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach
Fair pay, equality, sustainability - the future-oriented use of resources in the film industry is the topic of this talk for young filmmakers. Inputs, tips and practical insights will be given by the two filmmakers Lena Weiss (producer and co-managing director at Glitter and Doom) and Manuel Bauer (creative director and co-managing director of das narrativ, Studio for Film, Animation and Strategy). They will talk about their experiences around human and environmental resources in the film business and which challenges, but also proposed solutions are/might be connected to it.
4 pm, OK Deck, in German

Trouble Features (Screening & Dialogue)

One evening, two movies, one discussion committed to cinematic dissent: That’s the TROUBLE FEATURES by curating society Diskollektiv. They celebrated their festival premiere at Crossing Europe in Linz in 2018 and gleefully enter into their fourth round this year – juxtaposing the Marxist computer game essay HARDLY WORKING with a surprise film that takes the proverb “Time is money” literally.
+ Surprise Film
Curated by Diskollektiv
9 pm, Movie 3

Sunday, 30.4.

YAAAS! Close-Up: YOUKI goes YAAAS!

in cooperation with YOUKI International Youth Media Festival
Guests: Brigitta Kanyaro (STILLE POST), Michael Schindegger, Moderation: YAAAS! Young Programmers 2022
We invite two young filmmakers to present their first videos in comparison to current work, and who will answer questions by young people concerning various aspects of their work as well as questions about work in the film industry in an open discussion format. 
4 pm, OK Deck & Online-Stream, in German

Crossing Europe Awards Ceremony
hosted by: Miriam Hie

7:30 pm, Ursulinensaal & Online-Stream, in German & English

Monday, 1.5.

YAAAS! Video Project Presentation
YAAAS! Video Project Presentation
in cooperation with the Kunstuniversität Linz – Mediengestaltung (Lehramt)
1.5., 11 am, Central, in German
fe/male positions – The Salon
A Life Like Any Other
Moderation: Beate Hausbichler
The film UNE VIE COMME UNE AUTRE by Faustine Cros, shown as part of CROSSING EUROPE, examines motherhood between social expectations and personal consequences. It raises questions concerning the life plans of women that are shaped profoundly by children and partnership, and why a self-determined concept of their own self is so hard to achieve for mothers. “fe/male positions – The Salon” on May 1, 2023, at 4 p.m. will discuss the complex relationship between personal life decisions, fulfillment outside of family-related contexts, and patriarchal social structures.
1.5., 4 pm, Festival Lounge, in German

Free admission to the events of the supporting program.