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YAAAS! Youth Program 2019

YAAAS! is the youth program at the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival in Linz that takes places every year in late April.
To call out YAAAS! means to euphorically say “yes” - “yes” to a program that does not only aim to present finished content but rather to produce VIDEOS in an internationally mixed team, present a FILM PROGRAM that is curated and discussed by a group of peers, try new techniques in a WORKSHOP RALLY, or talk with professionals FACE TO FACE in small groups.
YAAAS! invites you to take a whiff of the festival air together with others of the same age from 25 to 30 April 2019.

Our program is specifically aimed at people ages between 15 and 20 – here we go:

- The YAAAS! Video Project opens up the world of film and video production in a practical module over multiple days.

- At the YAAAS! Workshop Rally you have the chance to immerse yourself in the various fields (e.g. camera, lighting, animation, acting, sound, directing).

- At YAAAS! Face to Face you have the possibility to meet professionals in small groups and riddle them with questions.

- The YAAAS! Young Programmers present six to eight films selected for a young audience in the program section YAAAS! Competition and will discuss them with you.

- The YAAAS! Film Screenings consist of six to eight current film productions from Europe for a young audience.

- The YAAAS! Youth Jury will view the films selected for the YAAAS! Competition and decides upon the winner of the CROSSING EUROPE AWARD – YAAAS! Youth Jury (prize money: € 1000,-)

In addition, as a participant of the YAAAS! modules Video Workshop, Young Programmers, and Youth Jury you will receive an access all areas pass at the CROSSING EUROPE with a festival accreditation and the possibility to attend all events surrounding the festival – get-togethers, talks, masterclasses, and the music-nightline

Being a part of YAAAS!…

With the YAAAS! Youth program CROSSING EUROPE 2019 intends to create a holistic offer for film education, the acquisition of media competence and DIY-video-production skills. YAAAS! is aimed at people between the ages 15 and 20, who thereby get the chance to engage with (international) media professionals, learn new skills in the area of film, watch and discuss films, as well as present their own work in the framework of a professional film festival.

In principle it is possible to sign up for single module at YAAAS! - here more detailed information:

Taking part in the YAAAS! Film Screenings (25/26 & 29 April):
Selection of films and the specific dates will be online in January 2019, from that point on it is possible to sign up.

Taking part in the YAAAS! Workshop Rally (30 April):
The complete workshop program will be online in late February, from that point on it is possible to sign up.

Taking part in the YAAAS! Face to Face with Film Professionals (29 April):
The complete “guest list” for this format will be online in late February, from that point on it is possible to sign up.

Robert Hinterleitner – in cooperation with CROSSING EUROPE

Contact & Information: Robert Hinterleitner yaaassymbolcrossingEuropepunktat or Sabine Gebetsroither gebetsroithersymbolcrossingEuropepunktat

Preview for YAAAS! 2020 can be found HERE.