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The YAAAS! Competition consists of current European productions, selected by the YAAAS! Young Programmers. After an introduction to the process of curating a film festival in late autumn they came to a selection of six feature-length fiction films (all of them celebrating their Austrian premiere), that deal with the lived realities of youths and young adults in various different ways. 

Three YAAAS! Competition will also be offered as special school screenings. The Young Programmers will be attending every screening, and will present the films, as well as lead Q&A sessions with the attendant film guests. Comprehensive school materials (in German only) aim to aid the preparation and follow-up of the screenings.

Three YAAAS! Competition films will also be offered as special school screenings:

  • Wednesday, 27 April, 10:15am
     (FR 2021, Director: Leyla Bouzid, 102 min, language: French, German subtitles) – feature film
    | Austrian premiere |
  • Friday, 29 April, 10:15am
    NINJABABY (NO 2021, Director: Yngvild Sve Flikke, 103 min, language: Norwegian, German subtitles) – feature film | Austrian premiere, Distribution in Austria: Filmladen; Cinematic release: September 2022 |
  • Monday, 2 May, 10:15am
    YOUTH TOPIA (CH, DE 2021, Director: Dennis Stormer, 85 min, language: German) – feature film
    | Austrian premiere |
Admission for youths: 5,50€ (free for the accompanying person)

Applications for the YAAAS! school screenings can be submitted from 3 March to 22 April 2022 to Lea Bernhard at . On the same day, details, film descriptions, trailers and comprehensive school materials (in German only) to aid the preparation and follow-up of the screenings will be made available on our website.

The Young Programmers will be attending every screening and will present the films, as well as lead Q&A sessions with the attendant film guests. Particularly in this instance, direct communication with the filmmakers and dealing with the medium of film in and of itself is of great importance.

In addition to the YAAAS! school screenings, the three other feature films in the YAAAS! Competition will be programmed in such a way that they can optionally be attended by school classes. Information on this will follow in mid-April.

It goes without saying that all program elements of the festival, which is planned as an in-person film event, are subject to compliance with all Covid-19 pandemic containment regulations in effect at the time. Covid related updates can be found on our website.



 (FR 2021, directed by Leyla Bouzid, 102 min, with German subtitles) – feature film
Austrian premiere |

Ahmed, an introverted student gets to know Farah, a Tunisian literature enthusiast at the university in Paris. When the course on literature leads the two into the world of erotic poetry, Ahmed begins his sexual and cultural awakening. The eighteen year old finds new aspects of his Algerian background, and is simultaneously attracted by Farah and her openness. Searching for identity and intimacy, Ahmed must navigate through a maze of resisting, understanding, and longing, and questions that always return to the same answer: Farah, Farah, Farah … (Oliver Parsch, YAAAS! Young Programmer)

Tags | Themes: Coming-of-Age | Love | Passion | Search for Identity | Erotic | Conflict of values | Origin | Migration | Literature

Website and Trailer: http://inter.pyramidefilms.com/pyramidefilms-international-catalogue/a-tale-of-love-and-desire.html

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(NO 2021, directed by Yngvild Sve Flikke, 103 min, with German subtitles) – feature film
Austrian premiere, distributor in Austria: Filmladen; Cinema opening: September 2022 |

An astronaut, a forester, or a cartoonist – these are some of the professional paths the twenty three year old Rakel can think of. The student spends a lot of her time drawing, drinking, and getting high. But her plans for the future all collapse when she finds out that she is pregnant. And Rakel is not even certain of who the father is! She had planned for everything, except for becoming a mother. When her baby then manifests itself as a masked cartoon character that asks her uncomfortable questions, she is at her wits ends. (Julia Stöckl, YAAAS! Young Programmer)

Tags | Themes: Unwanted Pregnancy | Search for Identity | Relationship | One-Night Stand | Alcohol & Drugs | Adoption | Abortion | Self-determination

Website and Trailer: https://www.trustnordisk.com/movie/ninjababy

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(CH, DE 2021, directed by Dennis Stormer, 85 min, German OV) – feature film

In an alternative reality the so-called “Algorithm” decides when a person is deemed to be an adult, and the calculated perfect dream job is part of the deal. Wanja does not really care about that, as she lives her life defined by what is fun with her crew of professional youths away from the meritocracy – free from responsibilities and goals, full of likes on social media. But when she is deemed to be an adult from one day to the next, she is not only catapulted into professional life, but also finds herself trying to navigate the tension between privileges and duties, performance and aimlessness, adulthood and youth.

Tags | Themes: Coming-of-Age | Social Media | Search for Identity | Achievement in Society | Self-Realization | Individualism | Dream Job | Utopia | Surveillance | Community

Website: http://dennisstormer.com/youthtopia/
Trailer (German only): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auFOvhdMk5M

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Contact & Information: Robert Hinterleitner and Lea Bernhard ()

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