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MOTH by Karol Kensey

CROSSING EUROPE Festivaltrailer 2020: "MOTH"

Concept/direction/music: Karol Kensy 
Cinematography/post-production: Kristof Müllegger 
Assitant camera: Yazdan Zand & Laurin Döpfner 
Cast: Vivian Bausch, Radix Skateshop 
Sound Mix: gcound.com 
Thanks to: Schachermayer

For this year’s festival trailer CROSSING EUROPE could win over Karol Kensy. Born in 1988 in Suzbin/Poland, he was raised near Linz and studied time based and interactive media at the Art University in Linz. The beatmaker and music video director/producer has had multiple works shown in the CROSSING EUROPE program over the past few years: DREAMING – FLIP FT. AG (2013, short CE’14), FEELINGS (2014, short CE’15), MOVING MOUNTAINS FT. ABU GABI. KATHARSIS, THE UNUSED WORD (2016, short, CE’17), SCHENE NEIE WÖD (2016, short, CE’17)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 17th edition of Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz had to be cancelled. 
With the alternative program "Crossing Europe 2020 - EXTRACTS" Crossing Europe invites you to an analog cinema experience in autumn 2020.

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