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Press Releases 2019

18.12.2019: Tribute to VALIE EXPORT | Crossing Europe goes Green | YAAAS! Young Programmers of 2020

In exactly 18 weeks, on Tuesday 21 April 2020, CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will start its 17th edition. On six festival days (plus one “bonus day” on 27 April) the festival dedicates itself to opening up a differentiated perspective on European lives through around 150 hand-picked feature films and documentaries.
The Tribute 2020 is dedicated to one of the most important representatives of international conceptual media art, as well as film and performance: VALIE EXPORT. On the occasion of her 80th birthday, CROSSING EUROPE will focus on the wide-ranging cinematographic oeuvre in a selection of the feature and experimental films by the artist from Linz.
This year CROSSING EUROPE was able to put a number of resource-saving and environmentally friendly measures into practice, that allow for the festival to qualify as a GreenEvent OÖ by the Climate Alliance Austria.
The YAAAS! Competition is one of four competition sections in the CROSSING EUROPE festival. This section shows six current European feature films, selected by the YAAAS! Young Programmers. For the festival 2020 the Young Programmers have already been selected.

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12.11.2019: Save the Date! | YAAAS! Youth Program in its second year | Call for Films

In just over five months CROSSING EUROPE will start its 17th edition. From April 21 to 26, CROSSING EUROPE dedicates itself to the concept of presenting ambitious European film in an accessible manner and making a direct exchange with filmmakers possible.
In 2019, CROSSING EUROPE presented a holistic program aimed at film education and the development of media competencies and DIY-video production for young people for the first time. More than 900 young people participated in the YAAAS! edition in 2019. In 2020 the YAAAS! Youth program starts its second round in which the successfully established model from last year will be expanded by additional activities.
Work on the festival program and the program collaborations for 2020 is already underway. Deadline for film submissions is 3 January 2020.

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1.5.2019: Resume 2019

Slight increase in audience during the sixteenth edition and a focus on Europe

For the sixteenth time CROSSING EUROPE placed the focus on Europe. As a declared European cultural event the festival intended to celebrate cinema culture with 149 feature films and documentaries for a week.
We are happy to say that a great number of festival audience members followed our call to travel across Europe on the silver screen. Over the past six days almost 4.000 festival audience members attended 184 screenings and took part in the 22 accompanying programs. (The attendance numbers from May 1 at the “Best-of CROSSING EUROPE” at the City-Kino have been projected for the overall result.)
In comparison to the year 2018 this means an increase of around 1,000 attendees, which is probably the result of both the attractive and diverse festival program, as well as the “cinema weather” over the past few days – especially on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there was a great rush to the screening halls.
CROSSING EUROPE presented itself once again as a cinematographic show case of European film with a focus on the creative energy and the diversity of European filmmaking. 

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29.4.19: Festival Awards 2019

The award ceremony for the sixteenth edition of the CROSSING EUROPE filmfestival Linz took place today in the Ursulinensaal in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter, where the CROSSING EUROPE AWARDS (money and material prizes valued at circa 30,000 €) were awarded. The festival director Christine Dollhofer drew a preliminary resume of the festival that turned out to be quite positive.

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10.4.2019: Festival Program 2019

For the 16th time the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival in Linz dedicates itself to presenting ambitious European filmmaking in an accessible manner in Linz, and offers a direct exchange with attending filmmakers from all over the European continent. From April 25 to 30 CROSSING EUROPE will take audiences on a virtual journey all across Europe. For a week you can discover 149 hand-picked feature films and documentaries from 48 different countries, delve into sociopolitical, but also artistically eccentric works, as well as explore highlights of the current festival season and local filmmaking. For film discussion, talks and Masterclasses 140 film guests from all over Europe have announced their attendance. Crossover projects on the intersection of film and media art, the YAAAS! Youth Program consisting of workshops and screenings, as well as the nightline with current musical acts on six evening completes the line-up.

Ten years after the successful cultural year “Linz 2009 – Cultural Capital of Europe”, and one month before the coming European elections festival director Christine Dollhofer and her team remain true to their credo: the CROSSING EUROPE program must do justice to the variety of Europe, and open a differentiated point of view on the state of Europe to an interested audience – with cinephile positions that offer an optimistic and forward thinking image of Europe that is open to world and intends to spark an interest in European contemporary cinema. Onward toward Europe!

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28 March 2019: Opening Films | Closing Film | Highlights | Nightline | VoD-Collection

In four weeks the 16th edition of the CROSSING EUROPE film festival will take place in Linz from April 25 to 30. After months of intensive preparation, the entire film program for CROSSING EUROPE is now fixed, and will once again offer the audiences a cinematographic journey through Europe. Without giving too much away, the virtual trip through Europe will contain around 150 feature films and documentaries, from Iceland through more than 40 countries all across the continent to the Black Sea.

Thus the festival stays true to its creed and stands for a hand-picked film program that does justice to the variety of Europe and intends to show a differentiated way of looking at the European state of affairs – with cinephile positions that offer an image of Europe that is open to the world and looks toward the future, and intends to inspire to take a closer look at contemporary European cinema.

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27 February 2019: Opening Film | Spotlight 2019 | Festival Trailer 2019

In eight weeks the 16th edition of the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will take place from April 25 to 30, 2019. While the last films are being fixed and itineraries are being made for around 150 film guests from in and outside the country, the festival is becoming increasingly present in the cityscape of Linz.

With Elfie Semotan, Iris Elezi, and Leni Gruber we will present three generations of artists that have all been highly present in Linz already and will enrich the festival with their contributions from start to finish, in this media information.

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5 February 2019: Tribute - Jaime Rosales | Special - Edith Stauber | YAAAS! Competition

In not quite 3 months CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will start its 16th edition. From April 25 to 30, CROSSING EUROPE puts the focus on European film for six days and will bring around 150 filmmakers from all over Europe to Linz and offer the festival audience the chance to enter into a direct exchange with the creatives.

Currently everything in the festival office revolves around the final selection of films. After sighting the around 900 European productions – circa 150 by local filmmakers from Upper Austria – the programmatic direction is being made.

In this context we are happy to present the very first program highlights of the 16th edition of CROSSING EUROPE to you: the Tribute will be dedicated to the established Spanish director Jaime Rosales, in our Local Artists section we collected the works of the artist and director Edith Stauber from Linz for a Special, and our program has expanded to include a fourth competition section – the YAAAS! Competition – that was curated by our YAAAS! Young Programmers. 

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Press releases 2018

18 December 2018: Update to the 16th edition, festival trailer 2019 & last call for entries

128 days to go…

… for the 16th edition of the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival in Linz. After the successful anniversary edition last April that was host to almost 23,000 festival guests, the CROSSING EUROPE once more places its programmatic focus on the continent of Europe. The festival sees itself as a decidedly pro-European cultural event and aims to allow for a differentiated point of view on Europe in the here and now with a hand-picked selection of around 170 shorts, feature and documentary films.

The programming efforts in the festival office are already fully underway: hundreds of film entries have already been submitted and thus started the intense screening phase, established programming partnerships will be continued and at the same time new co-operations are being launched. Currently the so-called “Young Programmers” are working on their film selection for the YAAAS! Competition for the new youth program at CROSSING EUROPE, the festival trailer 2019 will be shot by the young Austrian film maker Leni Gruber and we are accepting film submissions until 7 January, 2019.

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24.10.2018: YAAAS! Youth Program, Film Submission 2019 & European Networking

In six months the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will take place for the 16th time. Once again in the coming spring, the cinematographic continent of Europe will stand in the center of Austria’s second largest international film festival. From April 25 to 30 CROSSING EUROPE is dedicated to the idea of presenting ambitious European film in an easily accessible manner, and facilitate the direct exchange with the attending film professionals.

With this press release film makers are called upon to submit their latest work for the upcoming festival edition (the European program sections as well as the Local Artists strand). Furthermore we would like to present the European festival network MOVING IMAGES OPEN BORDERS and our the new youth format YAAAS!. It is about promoting media competence through practical work with the medium of film and its reception.

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1.5.2018: Resume

Anniversary Edition With Nearly 23,000 Visitors

Yesterday the anniversary edition (15 Years!) of the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz came to a successful conclusion. Nearly 23,000 festival visitors were counted over the past six days at 182 screenings and 21 supporting programs.  This means that the number of visitors remained almost the same as last year.

Festival Director Christine Dollhofer and her team are especially happy that so many film-, art-, and music-loving festival guests chose to visit CROSSING EUROPE 2018. In the cinemas as well as at the numerous events of the supporting program and at the Nightline every evening, the enthusiasm of the audience was evident. In comparison with last year, nearly the same number of visitors was counted, which can be taken as affirmation of the work of the CROSSING EUROPE team in the past 15 years.

Press release: 

29.4.2018: FESTIVAL AWARDS 2018

The Awards Presentation of the anniversary edition (15 Years!) of the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz took place today in the Ursulinensaal of the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter, moderated by Markus Zett, who proved again to be a charming, charismatic host.
With numerous international film guests, industry representatives, press, and representatives of the funders, sponsors and politics the CROSSING EUROPE AWARDS (money & material prizes with a value of about € 29.000,-) were presented, Festival Director Christine Dollhofer gave a preliminary positive assessment of the festival.

Press release HERE:

11.4.2018: Festival Program 2018

15 YEARS! CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz

For almost 15 years CROSSING EUROPE has been devoted to the idea of accessibly presenting sophisticated European filmmaking in Linz and offers an opportunity for a direct exchange with film guests present from all over Europe. For a week the city center of Linz, with the established festival district around the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter and the festival cinemas Moviemento and City-Kino, is transformed into the throbbing heart of the festival, drawing around 23,000 visitors in 2017. A year later, with the 15th edition, a further chapter of the festival’s success story is to be written.

This year the cinematic map ranges from Iceland to Calabria and from the Atlantic to the Urals. With 182 hand-picked feature films and documentaries from more than 40 countries, Europe is newly surveyed on the screen. The audience is invited to discover current socio-political but also artistic-eccentric works, as well as highlights from the past festival season and local filmmaking. For film discussions, talks and masterclasses, around 140 film guests from all over Europe are expected, including many past film guests contributing new films to the anniversary celebration. Crossover projects at the intersection of film/media art and the Nightline with exciting acts on six evenings round out the multifaceted line-up. And with six screenings of film highlights and prize-winning films on May 1st, the festival “bestows” itself with an extra day in honor of this small anniversary.

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23.3.2018: First Competition Titles, Nightline, Film Collection & Display Window Competition

Counting down…
… because in just five weeks the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz goes into the 15th round.

Today’s media information presents three works from each of the competition sections Competition Fiction, Competition Documentary and Local Artists. In addition, we announce the musical Nightline, which is as diverse as ever. For all “couch potatoes” we recommend the Austrian VoD platform flimmit.com, where the CROSSING EUROPE Film Collection with the title “Borderless Europe” is accessible starting today. And of course the GOLDEN BAG display window competition is not to be missed for the anniversary edition: businesses in Linz are invited now for the fifth time to dress the provincial capital city in a CROSSING EUROPE look.

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7.3.2018: Opening Films & Closing Film

CROSSING EUROPE 2018 starts in exactly seven weeks with six selected film premieres with numerous film guests present. This year’s opening films take us from a suburb of Bucharest (Soldatii. Poveste din Ferentari) to dystopic Hungary (JUPITER HOLDJA) and into the contemporary rap scene of Sweden (SILVANA), but also to southern Italy during World War II (PIZZICATA) and into the life worlds of nine grandmothers reviewing European history of the twentieth century (THE EUROPEAN GRANDMA PROJECT). The opening films are rounded out with a leap into a parallel world, where a society is slowly recovering from a zombie invasion (THE CURED).

Between the multifaceted opening day and this year’s closing event are about 170 films from roughly 30 countries, film discussions with 140 film guests, talks, master classes, exhibitions and six Nightline nights. The 15th festival edition closes with a final highlight: the festival audience can look forward to a wholly “fresh” Berlinale title – TRANSIT, the current work by the “doyen” of the Berlin School, Christian Petzold. 

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20.2.2018: Festival Trailer, Architecture and Society & Cooperation with AEC

In 2018 Festival Director Christine Dollhofer and her team aspire again to accommodate the expectations of a professional audience and both the transregional and local cinema audience (2017: 23.000 visitors) and to open up a vibrant space for contemporary, sometimes also uncomfortable or artistically eccentric, socio-political auteur cinema from Europe.

An important pillar of the success of past festival years has been the continuously cultivated program partnerships at both a national and an international level. To represent them, today we present two cooperations with established Linz cultural institutions and the joint contents for 2018: the film series Architecture and Society – in cooperation with afo Architecture Forum Upper Austria – brings together a total of four film programs on the theme of SPACE, POWER, CONTROL, and now for the second time, CROSSING EUROPE visits the AEC-Ars Electronica Center, to present works at the intersection of film/media art.

In addition, CROSSING EUROPE is taking it up a notch in terms of festival promotion at this time of year. The CROSSING EUROPE tram (powered by Linz AG), affectionately known as the “CROSSING-bim”, is already running, and soon our festival trailer – INSIDE 521, made by Michael Wirthig – will be shown in selected program cinemas throughout Austria.

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6.2.2018: Tribute - Edoardo Winspeare & a first Opening Film

Film selection finale! Festival Director Christine Dollhofer and her team are currently setting the course for the program for the anniversary edition of the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz, which goes into the 15th round from 25 to 30 April 2018. This year the festival still holds true to its festival credo as an independent contemporary cultural event: since 2004 CROSSING EUROPE has been devoted to the idea of a low-threshold presentation of a hand-picked selection of sophisticated European filmmaking, consisting of about 160 feature films and documentaries, and of offering the audience an opportunity for a direct exchange with the filmmakers present from all over Europe.

Following the announcement in December of this year’s Spotlight – devoted to the internationally acclaimed producer Ada Solomon from Romania – and the education program SCHOOL @ CROSSING EUROPE, today we announce further program highlights for the 15th edition of CROSSING EUROPE: this year’s Tribute guest is the Italian director Edoardo Winspeare, and with THE EUROPEAN GRANDMA PROJECT by the Upper Austrian filmmaker Alenka Maly one of the five opening premieres for the Festival Opening 2018 is already fixed.

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