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Press Releases 2020

17.12.2020: Résumé 2020, Festival Preview 2021, YAAAS! Youth Program in its Third Year & Film Submissions 2021

Canceled, but active! You would be hard-pressed to find a better description of this extraordinary festival year. Despite the cancellation in March 2020, we managed to present around 100 of the originally planned feature and short films in 69 film events – some having taken place online, some in person – between April and November 2020.

In 18 weeks on 21 April 2021, the 18th edition of CROSSING EUROPE will take place. It is without question that the Corona virus has already cast a long shadow into the future, and will pose unprecedented challenges. For this reason we are already working on comprehensive Covid-19 prevention measures, and considering any necessary adaptations. What is definite: The festival audiences can look forward to a physical festival event with a rich and varied program. The work on the film program for the 18th festival edition is already heavily underway. That is why we are calling all filmmakers to submit their current films for the upcoming festival edition until 4 January 2021.

More than 900 youths took part in the first edition of the YAAAS! Youth Program in 2019. 2021 once more revolves around film education, acquirement of media competency and DIY video production for young people aged between fifteen and twenty. Six Young Programmers are responsible for the film selection for the YAAAS! Competition 2021.

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10.10.2020: Festival Awards Local Artists Shorts 2020

Today the award ceremony of the “Local Artists Shorts @ OÖ Kulturquartier” (in cooperation with OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH) took place in the Ursulinensaal in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter. The last three days were dedicated to the Upper Austrian filmmaking und the so-called “Local Artists”. Designed as part of the CROSSING EUROPE alternative program EXTRACTS, the attractive film event offered local short film directors a forum now in autumn, so they could present their recent films and videos, which were selected for the program of the canceled festival edition 2020. Altogehter 51 short films had been shown and numerous filmmakers were present in order to participate in appealing film talks and Q&As. Two festival prizes and a Special Mention were awarded at this ceremony.

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29.9.2020: Local Artists Shorts @ OÖ Kulturquartier | Call for Films | Crossing Europe EXTRACTS goes … Ebensee, Dornbirn, Salzburg & Wien | Festival Premiers @ City-Kino

After the successful start of the Crossing Europe alternative program EXTRACTS: Autumn 2020 with the Tribute VALIE EXPORT at the Ars Electronica, the next highlight within EXTRACTS is right around the corner. From 8 to 10 October within the framework of the Local Artists Shorts @ OÖ Kulturquartier (in cooperation with the OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH), 51 short films will be shown, numerous filmmakers will be in attendance to participate in film talks, and an award ceremony on 10 October will take place during which two festival prizes will be awarded.
In October Crossing Europe will be a guest with its EXTRACTS program in Vienna, Ebensee, Salzburg, and Dornbirn. The Crossing Europe EXTRACTS goes … program will present contemporary European film productions from the program of the canceled festival edition in 2020 on the silver screen. Additionally to this, the EXTRACTS program section Festival Premieres @ City-Kino will continue in October and will include the Austrian premieres of feature films and documentaries from Spain, France, Bulgaria, and Germany.
Last, but not least, we want to call upon all filmmakers to submit their current works for Crossing Europe 2021. The deadline for entries is 4 January 2021.

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31.8.2020: Crossing Europe EXTRACTS | Autumn 2020

Comeback with around 100 films starting in September: After the cancellation of the festival due to Covid-19, CROSSING EUROPE will start up again in September with Crossing Europe EXTRACTS. Despite the spacial distancing regulations in cinemas, the physical and collective act of seeing a film together remains in the focus. “Festival atmosphere in stages” is the leitmotif of the large autumn program. This cinematographic exploration all across Europe will span over four months. Crossing Europe EXTRACTS includes around 100 feature films and documentaries from the program of the canceled festival, bringing the festival’s atmosphere to Linz, Vienna, Salzburg, Ebensee, Dornbirn, and Innsbruck in stages with a number of premieres.

Comprehensive press release and film descriptions HERE:

20.4.2020: Alternative Program "Crossing Europe EXTRACTS" starting 21 April


Trotz der Festivalabsage am 18. März bleibt CROSSING EUROPE aktiv! Mit dem Alternativprogramm „Crossing Europe 2020 – EXTRACTS“ möchten wir in drei Etappen einen kleinen Beitrag zur Aufrechterhaltung des filmkulturellen Lebens in Österreich leisten und laden zu einer virtuellen Reise quer durch den Filmkontinent Europa ein. 
Morgen, 21. April, starten mit einem Streamingangebot und einem Live-Abend die ersten beiden Teile des EXTRACTS-Programm, das einen Querschnitt des ursprünglich geplanten Festivalprogramms abbildet und dem Publikum die Möglichkeit zu Entdeckung von aktuellen europäischen Spiel- und Dokumentarfilmen geben möchte, für die kein regulärer Kinostart in Österreich vorgesehen ist.

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8.4.2020: Canceled, but active!

The yearly CROSSING EUROPE program press conference would have been today, in which we would have announced the entire film and framework program for the seventeenth edition of the festival. For this reason we want to give you an update from the festival office today.

For months we have been working intensely on this year’s festival program. Countless hours, and vast amounts of enthusiasm were put into curating this year’s edition. That is why we publish the entire program of CROSSING EUROPE 2020 for documentation purposes online.

After the official announcement of the cancellation of CROSSING EUROPE 2020 on 18 March, the first thing we had to do was intern consolidation – on an organizational, financial, and mental level. One thing we can say for certain is that we must take every measure necessary to curb the spread of the virus, and so we will be spending a lot of time at home. For this reason we are very happy that we managed to organize an alternative program in the form of “Crossing Europe – 2020 EXTRACTS”.
This alternative program intends to make a small contribution to the continuity of film and cultural life in Austria in three stages, and invites audiences on a virtual journey over all the cinematographic continent of Europe. These include a live film evening on 21 April, ten current European feature and documentary films from the main 2020 program as a streaming offer for the Austrian audience and a selection of festival films to be shown in cinemas at a later date.

Comprehensive press release HERE:

18.3.2020: Cancellation CROSSING EUROPE 2020

The developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have had a massive impact on the planning and carrying out of the coming edition of CROSSING EUROPE. With a heavy heart we have to cancel the seventeenth edition of CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz (from 21 to 26 April 2020).

Comprehensive press release HERE:

3.3.2020: Festival Opening with Oscar Winner Costa-Gavras and Jubilarian VALIE EXPORT | Festival Trailer 2020 | Second Edition of Cinema Next Europe Club | Golden Bag Display Window Campaign

In seven weeks the seventeenth edition of CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will take place from 21 to 26 April 2020. As always – and again this year – CROSSING EUROPE will open the festival with multiple films that are intend to showcase the diversity of contemporary European film.

This year’s opening film extravaganza is spearheaded by the current feature film ADULTS IN THE ROOM by the legendary director Costa-Gavras on 21 April. The world premiere of SURVIVING GUSEN commemorates three survivors of the Nazi extermination camp in Gusen, near Linz, and the opener for the Night Sight will be the psychodrama PELIKAN BLOOD with a star-studded cast including Nina Hoss. The tribute to VALIE EXPORT will be opened with her feature film THE PRACTICE OF LOVE, and with the film AUTOBAHN the section Architecture and Society will cast light on the topic of mobility in today’s society. For the new festival trailer MOTH we were able to win over the music video director and producer Karol Kensy from Linz. Already for the sixth time the program section Cinema Next Europe invites you to explore a world filled with fresh voices in European art house cinema. This year’s program focus is on comedy, the motto being FUN TIME!. Also, up until 15 March it is still possible to sign up for the Cinema Next Europe Club, a three-day practical module for ten young filmmakers. Over the next few weeks our GOLDEN BAG Display Window Campaign, will kick off, and we are already very much looking forward to seeing a great number of creatively designed display windows. 

Comprehensive press release HERE:

29.1.2020: Spotlight Mark Jenkin | Architecture and Society | YAAAS! Competition & school screenings

In three months the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival in Linz will kick off its 17th edition. From April 21 to 26 2020, CROSSING EUROPE dedicates itself for six days (plus the “bonus day” on April 27) entirely to European film and invites over 150 filmmakers from all over Europe to come to Linz. As a European cultural event, the festival intends to give a differentiated insight into the here and now in Europe through around 150 fiction and documentary films, and celebrate film culture over the course of the week. 

Today we are proud to announce further programmatic highlights of the 17th edition: This year’s Spotlight will be dedicated to the British director Mark Jenkin, the program section Architecture and Society will deal with the topic “Mobility Defines Space”, and our YAAAS! Young Programmers have already made their selection for the competition section YAAAS! Competition – three of the six feature films will additionally be shown in special school screenings. 

Comprehensive press release HERE:

Press Releases 2019

18.12.2019: Tribute to VALIE EXPORT | Crossing Europe goes Green | YAAAS! Young Programmers of 2020

In exactly 18 weeks, on Tuesday 21 April 2020, CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will start its 17th edition. On six festival days (plus one “bonus day” on 27 April) the festival dedicates itself to opening up a differentiated perspective on European lives through around 150 hand-picked feature films and documentaries.
The Tribute 2020 is dedicated to one of the most important representatives of international conceptual media art, as well as film and performance: VALIE EXPORT. On the occasion of her 80th birthday, CROSSING EUROPE will focus on the wide-ranging cinematographic oeuvre in a selection of the feature and experimental films by the artist from Linz.
This year CROSSING EUROPE was able to put a number of resource-saving and environmentally friendly measures into practice, that allow for the festival to qualify as a GreenEvent OÖ by the Climate Alliance Austria.
The YAAAS! Competition is one of four competition sections in the CROSSING EUROPE festival. This section shows six current European feature films, selected by the YAAAS! Young Programmers. For the festival 2020 the Young Programmers have already been selected.

Comprehensive press release HERE:

12.11.2019: Save the Date! | YAAAS! Youth Program in its second year | Call for Films

In just over five months CROSSING EUROPE will start its 17th edition. From April 21 to 26, CROSSING EUROPE dedicates itself to the concept of presenting ambitious European film in an accessible manner and making a direct exchange with filmmakers possible.
In 2019, CROSSING EUROPE presented a holistic program aimed at film education and the development of media competencies and DIY-video production for young people for the first time. More than 900 young people participated in the YAAAS! edition in 2019. In 2020 the YAAAS! Youth program starts its second round in which the successfully established model from last year will be expanded by additional activities.
Work on the festival program and the program collaborations for 2020 is already underway. Deadline for film submissions is 3 January 2020.

Full press release HERE:

1.5.2019: Resume 2019

Slight increase in audience during the sixteenth edition and a focus on Europe

For the sixteenth time CROSSING EUROPE placed the focus on Europe. As a declared European cultural event the festival intended to celebrate cinema culture with 149 feature films and documentaries for a week.
We are happy to say that a great number of festival audience members followed our call to travel across Europe on the silver screen. Over the past six days almost 4.000 festival audience members attended 184 screenings and took part in the 22 accompanying programs. (The attendance numbers from May 1 at the “Best-of CROSSING EUROPE” at the City-Kino have been projected for the overall result.)
In comparison to the year 2018 this means an increase of around 1,000 attendees, which is probably the result of both the attractive and diverse festival program, as well as the “cinema weather” over the past few days – especially on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there was a great rush to the screening halls.
CROSSING EUROPE presented itself once again as a cinematographic show case of European film with a focus on the creative energy and the diversity of European filmmaking. 

Press release HERE:

29.4.19: Festival Awards 2019

The award ceremony for the sixteenth edition of the CROSSING EUROPE filmfestival Linz took place today in the Ursulinensaal in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter, where the CROSSING EUROPE AWARDS (money and material prizes valued at circa 30,000 €) were awarded. The festival director Christine Dollhofer drew a preliminary resume of the festival that turned out to be quite positive.

press release here:

10.4.2019: Festival Program 2019

For the 16th time the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival in Linz dedicates itself to presenting ambitious European filmmaking in an accessible manner in Linz, and offers a direct exchange with attending filmmakers from all over the European continent. From April 25 to 30 CROSSING EUROPE will take audiences on a virtual journey all across Europe. For a week you can discover 149 hand-picked feature films and documentaries from 48 different countries, delve into sociopolitical, but also artistically eccentric works, as well as explore highlights of the current festival season and local filmmaking. For film discussion, talks and Masterclasses 140 film guests from all over Europe have announced their attendance. Crossover projects on the intersection of film and media art, the YAAAS! Youth Program consisting of workshops and screenings, as well as the nightline with current musical acts on six evening completes the line-up.

Ten years after the successful cultural year “Linz 2009 – Cultural Capital of Europe”, and one month before the coming European elections festival director Christine Dollhofer and her team remain true to their credo: the CROSSING EUROPE program must do justice to the variety of Europe, and open a differentiated point of view on the state of Europe to an interested audience – with cinephile positions that offer an optimistic and forward thinking image of Europe that is open to world and intends to spark an interest in European contemporary cinema. Onward toward Europe!

press release here:

28 March 2019: Opening Films | Closing Film | Highlights | Nightline | VoD-Collection

In four weeks the 16th edition of the CROSSING EUROPE film festival will take place in Linz from April 25 to 30. After months of intensive preparation, the entire film program for CROSSING EUROPE is now fixed, and will once again offer the audiences a cinematographic journey through Europe. Without giving too much away, the virtual trip through Europe will contain around 150 feature films and documentaries, from Iceland through more than 40 countries all across the continent to the Black Sea.

Thus the festival stays true to its creed and stands for a hand-picked film program that does justice to the variety of Europe and intends to show a differentiated way of looking at the European state of affairs – with cinephile positions that offer an image of Europe that is open to the world and looks toward the future, and intends to inspire to take a closer look at contemporary European cinema.

Full press release here:

27 February 2019: Opening Film | Spotlight 2019 | Festival Trailer 2019

In eight weeks the 16th edition of the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will take place from April 25 to 30, 2019. While the last films are being fixed and itineraries are being made for around 150 film guests from in and outside the country, the festival is becoming increasingly present in the cityscape of Linz.

With Elfie Semotan, Iris Elezi, and Leni Gruber we will present three generations of artists that have all been highly present in Linz already and will enrich the festival with their contributions from start to finish, in this media information.

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5 February 2019: Tribute - Jaime Rosales | Special - Edith Stauber | YAAAS! Competition

In not quite 3 months CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will start its 16th edition. From April 25 to 30, CROSSING EUROPE puts the focus on European film for six days and will bring around 150 filmmakers from all over Europe to Linz and offer the festival audience the chance to enter into a direct exchange with the creatives.

Currently everything in the festival office revolves around the final selection of films. After sighting the around 900 European productions – circa 150 by local filmmakers from Upper Austria – the programmatic direction is being made.

In this context we are happy to present the very first program highlights of the 16th edition of CROSSING EUROPE to you: the Tribute will be dedicated to the established Spanish director Jaime Rosales, in our Local Artists section we collected the works of the artist and director Edith Stauber from Linz for a Special, and our program has expanded to include a fourth competition section – the YAAAS! Competition – that was curated by our YAAAS! Young Programmers. 

Full press release here: