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Auch in Body Tape wird das Glas des TV-Monitors und die berührte Glasplatte als übereinstimmend wahrgenommen. Das konzeptuelle Video stellt Sprache als hierarchisch befehlende Instanz gegenüber anderen menschlichen Ausdrucksformen vor. (Brigitta Burger-Utzer)

VALIE EXPORT (*1940 in Linz) is a pioneer of conceptual media, performance and cinematographic art. She has been active since the 1960s, the focus of VALIE EXPORT's artistic research is on the physical, societal and technological types of relations between body and space. She works with a wide range of media and caught the attention with actions in public space that belonged to the field of performance and to media art and were developed from a feminist perspective. VALIE EXPORT’s oeuvre consists of groundbreaking feminist and media reflective works. On the occasion of her 80th birthday a comprehensive program will be presented including a selection of her short and feature length films from a period spanning more than forty years, for the first time in the city of her birth. This is includes experimental studies, cinematic self-portrays, actionist and research films and videos, partly on 8 millimeter film, that were conceptualized for the cinema, exhibition spaces, and the television set.

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Österreich 1970
4 Minuten
ohne Dialog / without dialogue