Eckerte Augn - Blonder Engel

Zur Single des Musikers Blonder Engel lässt dieses Pixel-Art-Animationsabenteuer in glorreiche Gamingzeiten und deren humorvolle Konsequenzen eintauchen.

The pixel art animation adventure accompanying the track by musician Blonder Engel invites to indulge in glorious gaming times and their humorous consequences.

Director's Biography
Nino Werner (*1988) is a director and animator living in Wels. His work, covering multiple media that he uses to create immersive experiences, has been shown nationally and internationally.
Filme - Auswahl
Eckerte Augn - Blonder Engel (2020)
Local Artists 2021
Nino Werner
Österreich 2020
4 Minuten
Drehbuch Felix Schobesberger
Kamera Nino Werner
Schnitt Nino Werner
Musik Blonder Engel (Felix Schobesberger)
Produzent*innen Nino Werner