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The festival begins this year in the afternoon of the opening day (April 20) with the start of films from all program sections. In the evening then, the opening of CROSSING EUROPE will be celebrated with six selected premieres showing a representative cross-section from this year’s festival program and clearly illustrating the rich multifacetedness of European filmmaking. The hand-picked positions cinematically probe the current state of Europe and treat it in artistically different ways. Numerous film guests are expected for the festival opening in the Ursulinensaal, who will provide further information. 

Mein Name ist. Ich bin. (AT 2016) – World premiere

Directors: Claudia Dworschak, die.fisch.die, Leonie Reese, Sarah Schnauer, 51 min
Program section: Local Artists

Mein Name ist. Ich bin. is a joint documentary film made by seven asylum-seekers living in Neuhofen/Krems together with the production team. This is an honest and unsentimental portrait of a new start in a foreign land that is not always simple. Everything revolves around the stories recorded by Karim, Krishan, Mahdi, Mohammad Shah, Naqibullah, Reka and Sadat – in other words, the stories that carry the film. 
// With Claudia Dworschak, die.fisch.die, Leonie Reese, Sarah Schnauer (all directors), Karim, Krishan, Mahdi, Mohammad Shah, Naqibullah, Reka, Sadat (protagonists) present // 

Dobra žena / A Good Wife (RS, BA, HR 2016) – Austrian premiere

Director: Mirjana Karanović, 94 min
Program Section: European Panorama Fiction; world premiere: Sundance Film Festival 2016

In her highly political feature film debut, in which she plays the leading role at the same time, a Balkan star shows an idyllic family situation on the outskirts of Belgrade crumbling in the face of two fateful discoveries. The protagonist leaves her familiar comfort zone, not entirely voluntarily, as wife, mother, and lover; to take responsibility, she has to make a serious decision.
// With Mirjana Karanović (director) and Jasmila Žbanić (producer) present. //

Jedan dan u Sarajevu / One Day In Sarajevo (BA, AT 2015) – Austrian premiere

Director: Jasmila Žbanić, 60 min
Program section: European Panorama Documentary; world premiere: Sarajevo Film Festival 2015

The day the heir to the throne died. 100 years later the world looks again to Sarajevo, and the Berlinale award-winner Jasmila Žbanić invites film professionals among her friends to join her in making a film documentation of the large-scale memorial celebrations surrounding the assassination of the Austrian heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand. The result is a critically ironic patchwork documentary film, in which contemporary European history is given just as much space as life in Bosnia, still marked by the last war.
// With Jasmila Žbanić (director) and Nina Kusturica (producer) present. //

Krigen / A War (DK 2015) – Austrian premiere

Director: Tobias Lindholm, 115 min
Program section: European Panorama Fiction; world premiere: Int. Film Festival Venice 2015

Nominated for this year’s Academy Award (popularly known as Oscar) in the category “Best Foreign Language Film” and featuring the Danish TV star Pilou Asbaek, this anti-war film from Denmark meticulously probes the narrow line between heroism and war crimes. War cries are not to be heard in the film, but it is all the more about the meaningfulness of the military interventions of European countries in geopolitical crisis regions and the question of the value of a human life.
// Tobias Lindholm (director) invited. // Cinema release in Austria: 22 April 2016 // 

Mallory (CZ 2015) – Austrian premiere & Tribute-Opener

Director: Helena Třeštíková, 101 min
Program section: Tribute; world premiere: Karlovy Vary Int. Film Festival 2015

From welfare case to street worker – in this documentary long-term study on a successful battle against bureaucracy and fate, Třeštíková accompanies the eponymous protagonist and her struggle to achieve a life in dignity for over ten years. The two women became acquainted during filming a cycle with the title “Women and Drugs” in 2002. Mallory left a lasting impression at the time – despite all the hurdles, she managed to overcome drug addiction, homelessness, and harassment from bureaucracy and ultimately found her feet as a social worker. 
// With Helena Třeštíková (director) present. // Details on this year’s Tribute can be found HERE. // 

Heimatland / Wonderland (CH, DE 2015) – Austrian premiere & CINEMA NEXT EUROPE-Opener

Directors: Lisa Blatter, Gregor Frei, Jan Gassmann, Benny Jaberg, Carmen Jaquier, Michael Krummenacher, Jonas Meier, Tobias Nölle, Lionel Rupp, Mike Scheiwiller,99 min
Program sections: Competition Fiction & CINEMA NEXT EUROPE; world premiere: Int. Film Festival Locarno 2015

In this acclaimed collective film from Switzerland, an ominous cloud of energy suddenly appears and threatens our peaceful neighboring country. Step by step, everyday life breaks down and the otherwise calm Swiss people lose their nerve, resulting in a brutal collapse of the society of solidarity. The end of this science fiction film brings a reminder of the disreputable history of Switzerland during the NS era – a warning for the development in the direction of a country marked by isolationism and xenophobia.
// With Stefan Eichenberger (producer), Jan Gassmann (director), Ivan Madeo (producer) and Lionel Rupp (director) present. //

Installation & Nightline

Outside, the premiere of the outdoor installation CAPTIVE HORIZON by Lukas Marxt (winner of the CROSSING EUROPE | Art Prize of the Energie AG 2016) can be experienced on the facade of the OK building in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter. The Nightline on the opening evening, starting at 10:00 pm in the OK | Mediendeck, features local forces: LIME CRUSH with Lo-Fi-Indie-Punk in the spirit of the north-western American underground and queer culture, and the DJ duo BAUER & FRAU from Linz.