Die Seelen der Dinge

The Spirits of Things

Der liebevolle Blick durch das Videostroboskop, ein bildgebendes Instrument für Stimmbänder, enthüllt den unheimlichen bis erhabenen Tanz von Blüten und Unterwuchs.

A loving look through the video stroboscope, an imaging tool for the human vocal chords, reveals a dance of blossoms and undergrowth between the uncanny and the sublime.

Director's Biography
Alexander Till (*1996) is a sculptor and filmmaker who studied Fine Arts at the University of Art and Design Linz. In search of resonance he crawls through caves and thickets. Thomas Nagl (*1994) is a sound artist/engineer. He studied Media Engineering at the FH St. Pölten and alternates between contemporary and historical production and sound design.
Filmographie Regie (Auswahl)
Die Seelen der Dinge (2022) - Physis des Digitalen (2021) - Huveaune (2019) - The Invisible Worm (2018, co-directed with Justyna Czaplinska)
Local Artists 2023
Alexander Till, Thomas Nagl
Österreich 2022
5 Minuten
ohne Dialog
Kamera Alexander Till
Schnitt Alexander Till, Thomas Nagl
Ton/Sounddesign Thomas Nagl
Musik Thomas Nagl
Produzent*innen Alexander Till, Thomas Nagl
Crossing Europe 2023