The music that you play – Yellow Mellow

Unter Zuhilfenahme moderner Software verwandelt hier die hundert Jahre alte Technik der Direct Animation einnehmende Musik in mitreißende Bildsprache.

This first two lines of the song beautifully describe the feelings of many: seeing music as a sanctuary from the uncomfortable, daily life.

Director's Biography
Nikolaus Jantsch (*1978, Linz) studied painting and experimental animation in the class of Prof Christian L. Attersee at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where he has been the head of the Animation Department since 2012. In 2016 he founded the Angewandte Animation Award for students at the Under Radar Festival. Jantsch is the festival director of Pixel Vienna.
Filmographie Regie (Auswahl)
The Music That You Play - Yellow Mellow (2022) - Ruhwunsch (2021) - Lethe (2020) - Microscopia (2016; CE'17) - IO - Attic Giant (2016; CE'17) - Thalija Track 15 - Thalija (2014; CE'15)
Local Artists 2023
Nikolaus Jantsch
Österreich 2022
4 Minuten
Ton/Sounddesign Yellow Mellow
Musik Yellow Mellow
Produzent*innen Nikolaus Jantsch
Festival del Cinema di Cefalu 2022