Ein „Tatort“, adaptiert für die TikTok Generation: „in voller Länge“ (42sek), OMG! Younger-fresher-fescher! N-dlich Sonntags schlafen gehen um 8:16, nicht erst um 9:45! 2L8.

The “Tatort” for the TikTok generation! Told in its entirety in 42sec, OMG! Younger-fresher-treasure!! f1nally we can go to sleep on Sundays at 8:16, 4real!

Director's Biography
Reinhold Bidner studied in Salzburg, Dundee and Berlin. An independent media artist since 2006 and former employee at the Ars Electronica Futurelab Linz, he teaches animation at various art institutions in Austria. Bidner is co-curator of the Austrian Flip Book Festival and part of the gold extra collective.
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TikTort (2022) - Utopia - C (2021) - Time o´ the Signs (2019; CE'20) - The Why Cycle (2017; CE'18) - Until We Coleidescape (2017; CE'17) - Ex Terrat (2016; CE'16) - Impulse (2013; CE'14) - Picture in Picture (2009; CE'10)
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Reinhold Bidner
Österreich 2022
1 Minuten
Drehbuch Reinhold Bidner
Schnitt Reinhold Bidner
Produzent*innen Reinhold Bidner, Sonja Prlic
gold extra
gold extra
Best Austrian Animation Festival 2022