Toothpaste – Oh Alien

Die Zahnpasta-Mensch-Hybride Anselma ist auf dem Weg in die Berge, um mit Bürstenmann Rafael einen Zahn zu putzen.

Always on the lookout to escape, toothpaste-human hybrid Anselma is on her way to the mountains to partake in the brushing of a tooth using guybrush Rafael.

Director's Biography
Clemens Niel lives and works in Linz. As a freelance director and DoP, he works on music videos for bands like Sharktank, Quelle Chris or Dives and makes short films. His latest work,TAUCHEN (DIVE), premiered at the Diagonale in 2021.
Filmographie Regie (Auswahl)
Toothpaste – Oh Alien (2023) - Cruel Hearted / Maybe Someday – Mile & Flip (2022; CE'23) - Busy – Sharktank (2022) - Ego – Dives (2022) - Pressure – Mile & Flip (feat. Siska) (2022; CE'22) - Tauchen (Dive, 2021, with Domink Galleya Tendl; CE'21) - Oben bleiben (Stay Up, 2019, with Dominik Galleya Tendl; CE'19) - MC – TTR Allstars (2018, with Dominik Galleya Tendl; CE'19)
Local Artists 2023
Clemens Niel
Österreich 2023
3 Minuten
Drehbuch Clemens Niel
Kamera Christoph Maleh
Schnitt Clemens Niel
Produzent*innen Clemens Niel
Weitere Credits
Costume Edin Turalic
Crossing Europe 2023