The Invention of Numbers

Die Idee der Zahl beeinflusst unser Handeln und Denken in vielen Bereichen. Im Stil von Stiller Post bzw. Cadavre Exquis erläutern neun Teams ihre persönlichen Bezüge.

The notion of numbers influences our actions and thinking in many respects. Nine teams illustrate their personal relation in a kind of telephone game or cadavre exquis.

Director's Biography
Jürgen Hagler and Remo Rauscher supervized the project. They teach “Media Technology and Design” at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg. This film was created in the 2020/21 winter semester as part of the course "Analog Animation“, in the fifth semester of the study program.
Filmographie Regie (Auswahl)
The Invention of Numbers (2021) - Think Twice (2019) - Der goldene Käfig (Golden Cage, 2018) - Draft One (2018; CE'18) - Utopia Now (2017; CE'17) - Home (2016; CE'16)
Local Artists 2021
Remo Rauscher, Jürgen Hagler
Österreich 2021
4 Minuten
Drehbuch Klasse Analoge Animation FH Hagenberg
Kamera Klasse Analoge Animation FH Hagenberg
Schnitt Klasse Analoge Animation FH Hagenberg
Musik Remo Rauscher
FH Hagenberg