Vater Morgana

In einem Park, irgendwo in Europa, kommt es zu einem Vater-Sohn-Konflikt. Der Sohn wünscht sich, dass sein Vater nach 31 Jahren in seine Heimat zurückkehrt. Aber wo ist jetzt die (verdammte) Heimat?

Several pensioners (from different backgrounds) meet every day at chess field in a park in Linz. One of them is Mile. He plays a round of chess with his best friend Halid. The atmosphere is cheerful, until after a few moves a young man approaches Mile. It is his son Nikola, whom Mile has not seen for a long time. Nikola wishes for his father to come home. But where is his home now?

Local Artists 2008
Sinisa Vidovic
Österreich 2007
20 Minuten
Drehbuch Sinisa Vidovic
Kamera Lukas Kronsteiner, Antonin B. Pevny
Mit Zijah Sokolovic, Ismet Veladzic, Ljubisa Lupo Grujcic