Une nuit blanche

Ein Film über die Schwierigkeit, Abschied zu nehmen. Une nuit blanche ist der Diplomfilm von Maja Gehrig an der Hochschule Luzern, Fachbereich Animation.

Luis is dead. Bernadette suffers from insomnia. The shadow play which is cast from the building across the street onto the façade beneath Bernadette’s window diverts Luis from his aim, which is to deliver the much longed-for sleeping pill to Bernadette. He finally succeeds due to a fortunate series of events. Nevertheless, neither of them are able to sleep that night.

Director's Biography
Maja Gehrig, geb.1978. 1999-2000 Vorkurs an der HGKZ, Zürich. 2000-02 FH Aarau Studiengang Medienkunst. 2000-03 Praktikum Eesti Joonisfilm, Tallin, Estland. 2003-05 HGKL, Luzern, Studiengang Animation.

Filme (Auswahl): Triple Texas Dream (2003), Metawalz (2003), 2PS (2003),Teestunde (2004), Mister Mocco (2004), Love under Stress (2008)
Special 2009
Maja Gehrig
Schweiz 2005
10 Minuten
ohne Dialog