EVERYDAY ist die Geschichte einer Familie, in der die vier Kinder bei ihrer Mutter Karen aufwachsen, da der Vater Ian im Gefängnis ist. Karen versucht den Anforderungen des Alltags gerecht zu werden. Zwischen Haushalt und Beruf fährt sie auch immer wieder mit den Kindern ins Gefängnis, um Ian zu besuchen. Im Laufe der Zeit wird diese Routine immer unerträglicher, und stellt die Liebe und den Familienzusammenhalt unerbitterlich auf die Probe.

Michael Winterbottom tells the story of four children separated from their father and a wife separated from her husband. The father Ian is in prison. The mother Karen has to bring up a family of five by herself. Filmed over a period of five years, EVERYDAY employs the repetitions and rhythms of everyday life to explore how a family can survive a prolonged period apart. It is in part a response to the usual way cinema portrays the passage of time. The film unfolds in a series of visits: first the family visiting the father in prison, later the father visiting the family at home. With each visit the distance between the children and their father becomes harder to bridge. By avoiding standard cinema conventions of time passing, the film focuses on the small subtle changes as people grow up and grow old whilst being apart. It is a story of survival and love, a celebration of the small pleasures of everyday life.

Director's Biography
MICHAEL WINTERBOTTOM, born 1961 in Blackburn, Great Britain. He began his career working in British television before starting his feature film career with BUTTERFLY KISS (1995). Three of his films – WELCOME TO SARAJEVO (1997), WONDERLAND (1999) and 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE (2002) – have been nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. EVERYDAY competed, amongst others, at Stockholm Film Festival 2012, where it was awarded the FIPRESCI critics' prize. // Films (selected): CODE 46 (2003), THE ROAD TO GUANTANAMO (2006), THE KILLER INSIDE ME (2010), TRISHNA (2011), EVERYDAY (2012)
European Panorama Fiction 2013
Michael Winterbottom
Großbritannien 2012
106 Minuten
Drehbuch Laurence Coriat, Michael Winterbottom
Kamera James Clarke, Sean Bobbitt, Marcel Zyskind, Simon Tindall, Anne Marie Lean Vercoe
Schnitt Mags Arnold, Paul Monaghan
Ton/Sounddesign Will Whale, Adrian Bell, Paul Cameron
Musik Michael Nyman
Mit Shirley Henderson, John Simm, Shaun Kirk, Katrina Kirk, Stephanie Kirk, Robert Kirk
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