Sygharitiria stous aisiodoxous?

A.C.A.B. All Cats Are Brilliant?

“Electra is in her early 30s, living in Athens today. She is an artist, but she makes a living working as a babysitter. She is an activist and her boyfriend is a political prisoner. She feels lonely and is struggling to find her place in the world. We follow her as she meets the most important people in her life. Through these meetings, we understand better not only Electra, but also a whole generation of young people who feel stifled in this world. (…)” (Constantina Voulgari)

Director's Biography
CONSTANTINA VOULGARI, born 1979 in Athens, Greece. She studied Cinematography at the Stavrakos Film School in Athens and then received an MA in Screenwriting from the National Film and Television School in London. Voulgari is interested in making feature films about the difficulties in human relationships. A.C.A.B. ALL CATS ARE BRILLIANT? had its world premiere at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in 2012. // Films (selected): YOUPI (1999, short), SLEEPY LIGHTS (2001, short), VALSE SENTIMENTALE (2007), SYGHARITIRIA STOUS AISIODOXOUS? (A.C.A.B. All Cats Are Brilliant?, 2012)
Competition Fiction 2013
Constantina Voulgari
Greece 2012
88 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Constantina Voulgari
Cinematography Vasilis Klotsotiras
Editing Kenan Akkawi
Sound/Sounddesign Orestis Kaberidis
Music Nikos Veliotis
With Maria Georgiadou, Dimitris Xanthopoulos, Dimitris Piatas, Themis Bazaka, Kostas Ganotis, Alexis Charisis–Maerkl
Mitos Productions Solomou 27 10682 Athens Greece T +30 210 6753 783