Festival Awards 2024

Here you can find details about the Crossing Europe awards in 2024.

Competition Fiction

CROSSING EUROPE Award - Best Fiction Film
€ 5.000,- powered by Linz Kultur

Stefanie Kolk, NL 2023, 96 min
Special Mention:  
Anna Cornudella Castro, ES 2024, 90 min

CROSSING EUROPE Audience Award - Best Fiction Film
€ 5.000,- powered by Land Oberösterreich Kultur

The Competition Fiction comprises first and second European feature-length fiction films. The Jury Competition Fiction gives out the award Best Fiction Film, the audience chooses the Audience Award.

Ernst De Geer, SE/NO/FR 2023, 98 min

Competition Documentary

CROSSING EUROPE Social Awareness Award - Best Documentary Film
€ 5.000,- powered by Gutenberg-Werbering und Crossing Europe

The Competition Documentary comprises documentary films with outstanding socio-political relevance. The Jury Competition Documentary gives out the award.
Gergő Somogyvári, HU/RO/HR 2023, 83 min

YAAAS! Competition

€ 3.000,- powered by VdFS – Verwertungsgesellschaft der Filmschaffenden

The YAAAS! Competition comprises European feature fiction films selected by the YAAAS! Young Programmers. The YAAAS! Youth Jury gives out the award.

Inari Niemi, FI 2023, 91 min
Special Mention: 
Hugues Hariche, CH/FR 2023, 104 min

MIOB New Vision Award

MIOB New Vision Award 
€ 3.000,- powered by MIOB | Moving Images Open Borders

The members of the festival network Moving Images – Open Borders award the prize annually to an innovative European first or second feature-length film.

Marija Kavtaradze, LT/ES/SE 2023, 108 min

Competition Local Artists

CROSSING EUROPE Award - Local Artist
€ 5.000,- powered by Land Oberösterreich Kultur
€ 2.000,- voucher by THE GRAND POST – Postproduction Houses

The Competition Local Artists comprises short and feature-length films from Upper Austria. The Jury Competition Local Artists gives out the awards.

€ 5.000,- powered by Land Oberösterreich Kultur 
Daniel Kalkhofer, AT 2023, 52 min
€ 2.000,- Voucher The Grand Post – Post Production Houses
Rainer Kohlberger, AT/DE 2024, 18 min
Special Mention: 
Marie Luise Lehner, AT 2023, 27 min

CROSSING EUROPE Innovation Award - Local Artist
€ 2.000,- powered by Land Oberösterreich Kultur und Linz Kultur

The Jury Competition Local Artists will present the award to one of the works within the spectrum of animation art presented in the Competition Local Artists.

Lisa Bayr, Lukas Brandstetter, Katharina Arbeithuber, AT 2024, 4 min

CREATIVE REGION Music Video Award 
€ 1.500,- powered by Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria

The Jury Competition Local Artists gives out the award to one of the music videos in the Competition Local Artists.

Gloria Gammer, AT 2023, 3 min


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