Code of Conduct

Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz aims to create a safe, respectful and inclusive festival environment in which audiences, guests and staff feel comfortable. By applying for accreditation, purchasing a ticket or participating in an event at Crossing Europe, you agree to the Code of Conduct in its current form as a condition of participation in the festival. Crossing Europe reserves the right to refuse access to the festival or to withdraw accreditations for non-compliance with the Code of Conduct.

Against discrimination, harassment and violence in any form

Discriminatory, offensive or harassing language and actions based on gender identity, sexual orientation, origin, age, appearance, skin color, religion, disability, economic disadvantage, level of education or political conviction (within the framework of the rule of law) will not be tolerated either in festival work or in behavior during the festival. This also applies to conduct in the digital space in connection with Crossing Europe's presence on social media.
Violence, bullying and harassment of any kind (e.g. physical, verbal, sexual, on social media) towards visitors, guests, team members and partners will also not be accepted.

Crossing Europe asks its employees as well as its partners, guests and festival visitors not to ignore or tolerate misconduct, but to seek help or contact the festival team (either on site or by emailing the awareness contact person at ).

For a sustainable and climate-friendly festival experience

Crossing Europe strives to implement sustainable and climate-friendly measures in all areas of festival preparation and organization. We call on our audience, guests, employees and partners to do their part and act accordingly. This includes, for example, giving preference to climate-friendly travel by public transport, bicycle or on foot, mindful handling of food at events and separating waste in the bins provided for this purpose at the festival venues.
Linz, March 2024