Crossing Europe VOD Streaming Service 2022
| 2 May to 2 June | only available in Austria |

From 2 May to 2 June ten festival films from the program of this year’s CROSSING EUROPE edition will be available on the local streaming platform KINO VOD CLUB for Austrian audiences. This year’s festival edition will present itself as lively, open to the world, multi-lingual, and diverse – representative of this are ten selected films from ten different countries that invite audience on a cinematographic journey all over the continent. Onward to Europe!

The VOD selection sees itself as an “inclusive” offer for all those cinephiles who cannot attend the festival this year due to various reasons and offers the possibility to engage in the festival online.
Price per film: 6,90€ | note: when renting a film from KINO VOD CLUB a third of the price goes to an  elected independent cinema. Through this you can directly support our festival cinemas Moviemento/City-Kino.


Films and Details: