Press Releases 2021

Press Release #9/21

Festival preparations are fully underway, YAAAS! Young Programmers 2022 & Film submissions still possible until 7 January
After 18 years of successful foundational work, Christine Dollhofer handed over the directorial agendas to Sabine Gebetsroither and Katharina Riedler. Also under this new leadership, CROSSING EUROPE is aiming to bring together the expectations of professional, as well as international and local audiences. 

Press Release #8/21

Appointment of the new festival directors
Sabine Gebetsroither and Katharina Riedler will be the new directors of CROSSING EUROPE, taking over from Christine Dollhofer as co-heads.

Press Release #7/21

Festival Resume 2021
Crossing Europe draws a positive balance! After one year of a forced break due to the pandemic, the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival in Linz was able to realize its goal of presenting ambitious European film and offering the possibility enter into a direct exchange with the attending film guests. CROSSING EUROPE 2021 was one of the first festivals in Europe that was able to take place as an in-person film event in June.

Press Release #6/21

The award ceremony for the eighteenth edition of the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz took place today in the Ursulinensaal in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter, the ceremony was hosted by Karin Schmid who led the audience through the evening.

Press Release #5/21

Festival Program 2021
In the Cinema: Experience Europe! – The CROSSING EUROPE film program invites you on a journey all across Europe. For not quite a week, between 1 and 6 June, 123 current feature films and documentaries from 40 different countries are waiting to be discovered, including highlights from this festival season, innovative auteur cinema, and regional film productions.

Festival Magazine 2021

The Crossing Europe Festival Magazine, 2021 more extensive, newly designed and bilingual for the first time, offers an attractive and opulent overview of all program strands and film highlights, with entertaining texts on all films as well as background reports, a schedule and all important festival information.

Press Release #4/21

Opening Films | Program Preview & Cooperations | Departure of Christine Dollhofer | YAAAS! Workshoprally & Youth Jury | GOLDEN BAG Display Window Contest
In not quite five weeks the eighteenth edition of CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz that will take place from 1 to 6 June will get under way as an in-person film event (it goes without saying that we will comply to all rules and regulations in place concerning the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus). 

Press Release #3/21

Festival Trailer | Doc Highlights | Architecture and Society | Working Worlds
In today’s press release we will be presenting this year’s festival trailer entitled GRÜN IN, by the young media artist Laurien Bachmann. We will also shine a light on the first highlights from several sections.

Press Release #2/21

Tribute 2021 – Ivan Ostrochovský | YAAAS! Competition Titles & School Screenings
As was announced in January, the eighteenth edition of CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will take place from 1 to 6 June 2021 this year.

Press Release #1/21

27.1.2021: Festival Postponement | New Festival Date: 1 to 6 June, 2021
In light of the current pandemic, CROSSING EUROPE will not take place as planed between 21 and 26 April 2021.

Press Releases 2020

Press Release #9/20

Résumé 2020, Festival Preview 2021, YAAAS! Youth Program in its Third Year & Film Submissions 2021
Canceled, but active! You would be hard-pressed to find a better description of this extraordinary festival year. Despite the cancellation in March 2020, we managed to present around 100 of the originally planned feature and short films in 69 film events – some having taken place online, some in person – between April and November 2020.

Press Release #8/20

Festival Awards Local Artists Shorts 2020
Today the award ceremony of the “Local Artists Shorts @ OÖ Kulturquartier” (in cooperation with OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH) took place in the Ursulinensaal in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter. 

Press Release #7/20

Local Artists Shorts @ OÖ Kulturquartier | Call for Films | Crossing Europe EXTRACTS goes … Ebensee, Dornbirn, Salzburg & Wien | Festival Premieres @ City-Kino
After the successful start of the Crossing Europe alternative program EXTRACTS: Autumn 2020 with the Tribute VALIE EXPORT at the Ars Electronica, the next highlight within EXTRACTS is right around the corner. 

Press Release #6/20

Crossing Europe EXTRACTS | Autumn 2020
Comeback with around 100 films starting in September: After the cancellation of the festival due to Covid-19, CROSSING EUROPE will start up again in September with Crossing Europe EXTRACTS. Despite the spacial distancing regulations in cinemas, the physical and collective act of seeing a film together remains in the focus. “Festival atmosphere in stages” is the leitmotif of the large autumn program. This cinematographic exploration all across Europe will span over four months.

Press Release #5/20

Alternative Program "Crossing Europe EXTRACTS" starting 21 April
In German only | Trotz der Festivalabsage am 18. März bleibt CROSSING EUROPE aktiv! Mit dem Alternativprogramm „Crossing Europe 2020 – EXTRACTS“ möchten wir in drei Etappen einen kleinen Beitrag zur Aufrechterhaltung des filmkulturellen Lebens in Österreich leisten und laden zu einer virtuellen Reise quer durch den Filmkontinent Europa ein. 

Press Release #4/20

Canceled, but active!
The yearly CROSSING EUROPE program press conference would have been today, in which we would have announced the entire film and framework program for the seventeenth edition of the festival. For this reason we want to give you an update from the festival office today.

Press Release #3/20

Cancellation CROSSING EUROPE 2020

The developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have had a massive impact on the planning and carrying out of the coming edition of CROSSING EUROPE. With a heavy heart we have to cancel the seventeenth edition of CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz (from 21 to 26 April 2020).

Press Release #2/20

Festival Opening with Oscar Winner Costa-Gavras and Jubilarian VALIE EXPORT | Festival Trailer 2020 | Second Edition of Cinema Next Europe Club | Golden Bag Display Window Campaign
In seven weeks the seventeenth edition of CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will take place from 21 to 26 April 2020. As always – and again this year – CROSSING EUROPE will open the festival with multiple films that are intend to showcase the diversity of contemporary European film.

Press Release #1/20

Spotlight Mark Jenkin | Architecture and Society | YAAAS! Competition & school screenings
In three months the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival in Linz will kick off its 17th edition. From April 21 to 26 2020, CROSSING EUROPE dedicates itself for six days (plus the “bonus day” on April 27) entirely to European film and invites over 150 filmmakers from all over Europe to come to Linz.