Crossing Europe celebrates late into the night: at the Nightline on the OK Deck, festival audiences and film guests from all over Europe gather on the dance floor, with selected DJs providing the atmosphere on five evenings from 22:00. The music program was once again curated by Samira Saad and Christian Haselmayr, admission is free.


Tuesday, 30.4.

22:00 / popfest curators' disco
Lisa Schneider & Markus Binder

Lisa Schneider is a music editor and presenter at Radio FM4, where she is primarily responsible for the FM4 Soundpark. Markus Binder is an author and musician, drums and sings with Attwenger and publishes books with Verbrecherverlag. Together they are curating Popfest 2024 and have put together a wonderful line-up. At Crossing Europe, they will make people sit up and take notice with a DJ extravaganza.


Lisa Schneider & Markus Binder


Andaka © Tom Mesic
Abby Lee Tee © Frances Cat

Wednesday, 1.5.

22:00 / turn | table | tennis:

TTT DJ-Team: Andaka & Abby Lee Tee

turn | table | tennis is an event format that playfully combines societal concerns with artistic and cultural aspirations – in the form of table tennis. In truth, the title is self-explanatory: a table tennis table and a DJ setup create a relaxed atmosphere that invites people to stay.

turn | table | tennis on Instagram


Andaka is a DJ and designer from Linz, whose musical spectrum includes a variety of different genres and worldwide grooves. With her well curated sets she invites you to dance and expand your musical horizon in bars, clubs and festivals.

Andaka on Soundcloud

Abby Lee Tee

Alongside his work in numerous collaborations and bands, Austrian musician Abby Lee Tee has been releasing a steady stream of constantly-evolving solo material since 2009, nurturing a passion for field recordings and unusual instruments. 

Website of Abby Lee Tee
Abby Lee Tee on Bandcamp
Abby Lee Tee on Soundcloud


Thursday, 2.5.

22:00 / DJ TERROR (HYPERREALITY, dishes)

Active since 2014, DJ Terror is a Vienna based DJ and promoter. She curates several lineups - especially in cultural contexts - and is an active supporter of gender equality and diversity within club culture. Her DJ sets take in a wide range of styles from techno, driving acid, d’n’b, jungle, trance and leftfield electronica to pop anthems; fast-paced and full of references to various eras of electronic music.


SINVS (Table Top Shot)

SINVS is a musical attack. An attack on entrenched structures. An attack on the expected. An attack on bad habits. SINVS breaks with conventions, connects the strange and fights for freedom. Freedom from constraints, repression or ideology. Music replaces time and creates space for exactly what everyone wants. SINVS takes you on a journey through electronic music. Rhythm and groove are always at the centre. In addition to his work as a DJ, Maximilian Leeb is an event organiser, curator, social worker and studies cultural theory. He combines all of this in his musical work.


DJ TERROR © Nikolaus Ostermann



Eski Tüfek © İlkan Sücüllü
Die Hydra

Friday, 3.5.

22:00 / Eski Tüfek by Eyup Kuş

Multimedia artist Eyup Kuş presents his DJ alter ego Eski Tüfek at the Crossing Europe Nightline. Immerse yourself in a fascinating soundscape of Anatolian sounds, psychedelic vibes and rousing bass inspired by the pulsating grooves of Istanbul.


Die Hydra
Björn Büchner, Friedrich, Klaus Reznicek

The many heads of Hydra stick their necks into the most diverse locations and clubs in the city. Three heads in the KAPU, two in the STWST, all five in the Smaragd or at spontaneous open airs on the banks of the Danube. #bumbummitniveau echoes throughout Linz and beyond. With "soundfein und schaumwein" on DORFTV, they fight against digital vacancy with booming bass. Groovy beats meet dark synth lines and hard techno, strobe lights meet sunglasses, flamingos meet nznznz.

Die Hydra on DORFTV


Saturday, 4.5,

22:00 / Linzpride goes Crossing Europe
"DJ"-Duo Slutty Saints

The "DJ" duo Slutty Saints lives up to its quotation marks. The party hosts move somewhere between trash pop and underground - in high heels and always danceable. Leave all your gender stereotypes at home and party with us to the finest curated pop music until your feet burn. Hoooly fuck!

DJane S. Stereo

DJ from Graz with roots in Linz. House, Electro, Charts and Classics.


"DJ"-Duo Slutty Saints © Studio Emanuel Mayr
DJane S. Stereo



Der Standard treats you to one bottle of SIGLs Radler. Between 22:00 and 23:00 you can redeem your cinema ticket of the day at the Nightline bar at the OK Deck. Valid 30 April – 4 May. While stocks last.


The maximum number of people at the OK Deck is limited. If full capacity is close to being reached, priority entry will be granted to holders of festival passes and accreditations. We ask for your understanding if this leads to waiting times at the entrance.