Welcome to Planet Linz!

A journey of discovery to Linz always surprises anew. The home of the Crossing Europe Film Festival is many things, constantly changing and surpassing itself. Linz is a place on earth, where the little things that make us smile matter. Evolving doesn't always have to mean getting bigger, better, faster and wider. Rather, it is about focusing on the essential. So often, the magic lies in a brief moment that touches your heart.

What remains in the memory of a trip to Linz? Above all, the relaxed atmosphere that spreads a lightness. But also experiences and activities that fill our days and enrich our spirit: good food, a visit to the nice little stores in the city center, the flair along the Danube, an evening at the music theater and a look into a museum, or better two. If you're open-minded, you'll discover what's special in the everyday during a mission to Linz!


Linz-Card - only one ticket for the entire city!

Discover the diverse Danube city with the Linz-Card. With prices starting from €16, it’s suprisingly easy with a Linz-Card for one, two or three days. With free admission to museums, free rides on public transportation and numerous other discounts, the purchase really pays off.

Download the Visit-Linz-App for free

Discover Linz, play games, collect points and enjoy many benefits throughout the city: The Visit-Linz-App gives an overview of sights, shops, restaurants, hotels and events and features a gamification part.



Top 10 attractions in Linz

Festival guests experience the diversity of the city when visiting the top sights: From exciting discoveries in the museums to buildings with impressive architecture to oversized graffiti in Linz harbor!

Short vacation in Linz from €144 per person

From the cinema to the city! For the perfect city experience, curious festival visitors can book a short trip to Linz from €144 per person. The offer includes two nights in a Linz hotel of your choice and benefits of the 3-day Linz Card.