Cinema Next Europe Club

25.03.2019 //

CROSSING EUROPE and Cinema Next are presenting the so-called Cinema Next Europe Club for the first time. The club is expanding the Cinema Next Europe program strand to include a campus for ten young filmmakers, who will be invited to Linz for four days. The call for entries should attract young filmmakers from Austria who work in the field of documentary films.

The Cinema Next Europe Club is designed to give young filmmakers the opportunity to visit CROSSING EUROPE and, as part of this year's Cinema Next Europe focus (“The Family Issue”), to get inputs, participate in discussions and network with other young filmmakers.

Who can take part in the club?

Young filmmakers in/from Austria, working in the documentary film sector and on relevant projects (family films) or have already realized such a project or can benefit from the input offered in 2019.

The number of participants is limited to ten people.

More details HERE.