Ein Teil von mir

The film takes the absurd setting of a family celebration to tell about a potentially crucial step in coping with a social crisis that, however, does not feel quite right.

Director's Biography
Vivian Bausch studied in Vienna and Linz. In 2020 she began her diploma studies in directing and montage at the HFF Munich. Her video installations, performance art, and films have been featured in exhibitions in Linz, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and Athens, among others.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Ein Teil von mir (2023) -Traum von Körpern (Dreaming Bodies, 2022, co-directed with Ella Knorz; CE'23) - nein (no, 2021; CE'22) - Tarantel (2020, Bausch; CE'21) - Zuhause bei meinen Müttern (2020, Bausch; CE'21)
Local Artists 2023
Vivian Bausch
Austria 2023
18 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Vivian Bausch, Maximilan Weigl
Cinematography Paul Hirschauer
Editing Jonathan Meiri, Paul Hirschauer
Sound/Sounddesign Lukas Benedicic, Rainer Montana
Music Bronco, Voodoo Jürgens
With Julia Windischbauer, Barbara Horvath, Lukas Weiss, Horst Heiss
Producer(s) Thomas Slatter, Felix Sommer, Vivian Bausch
Additional Credits
Bernadett Benda, Stefanie Ostermann
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2023