Content Notes

The films in the Crossing Europe program deal with political and personal crises, traumas or controversial topics, among other things. Some films may therefore contain aspects that could cause strong reactions or be perceived as disturbing by individuals. As an offer for all those who would like to inform themselves in advance about potentially upsetting elements in individual films, the content notes offer information about sensitive content (completeness cannot be guaranteed), which is referenced by a numerical note within the film pages.

1 Deals with death

4 Deals with sexual violence

5 Deals with physical violence

6 Deals with suicide

7 Deals with discrimination against LGBTQIA+ individuals

8 Deals with racism

11 Deals with war

12 Deals with death of a child

13 Deals with miscarriage / stillbirth

14 Deals with psychological violence

15 Deals with abuse

17 Deals with depression

18 Deals with self-harm

19 Deals with antisemitism

23 Depicts physical violence

24 Depicts war scenes

25 Depicts murder

28 Depicts necrophilia

30 Depicts abusive behavior

32 Depicts self-harm

34 Photosensitivity Warning