The Alps. We have long conquered the lofty peaks and developed even the high mountain ranges as recreational landscapes. The whole region is covered by a nearly invisible safety system. Well-camouflaged protective precautions against falling rocks and avalanches are there to ensure accessibility and habitability without fear. @Safety123@ captures these constructions in breathtaking images, and follows the sometimes mysterious-looking activities and preparations to portray the human struggle against the forces of nature which are unstoppable despite precision technology. (Annina Wettstein, DOK Leipzig)

Director's Biography
From 2007-2015, Julia Gutweniger studied of painting and graphic art at the University of Arts Linz. Florian Kofler studied at the Institute of Media at the University of Arts Linz from 2007-2018. Since 2011 Gutweniger and Kofler work together on common film projects. "Safety123" was awarded a Golden Dove in the Next Masters Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film at DOK Leipzig 2019.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Sicherheit123 (Safety123, 2019, doc) - Brennero/Brenner (2016, doc, CE'16) - Pfitscher (2013, short, CE'13) - August/September (2011, short)
Crossing Europe Extracts 2020
Florian Kofler, Julia Gutweniger
Austria / Italy 2019
72 minutes
English / German / Italian
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Julia Gutweniger, Florian Kofler
Cinematography Julia Gutweniger
Editing Julia Gutweniger, Florian Kofler
Sound/Sounddesign Florian Kofler
Music Edgars Rubenis
Producer(s) Julia Gutweniger, Florian Kofler
Villa Mondeo
World Sales
Villa Mondeo
World Premiere
DOK Leipzig 2019