YAAAS! Workshop Rally

| Tuesday, April 30 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am & 11:30 am to 1:30 pm |
At the YAAAS! Workshop Rally you have the chance to visit two workshops from 9:00 am to 11:99 am and from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm on Tuesday, April 30 on the subjects listed below.
Participation is free of charge, send your formless registration (as a single participant, or as a group) by email (stating your name and the workshops you would like to attend) to .

Deadline for registration: 12 April, 2019
Following the workshops, the video produced during the YAAAS! Video Project over the course of the festival will be presented afterwards from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Workshop #1 „Location Recording & Film Sound”

Felix Sturmberger and Jürgen Kloihofer run their own acoustic laboratory under the name “Heimwerk” and not all too long ago they did the sound for the documentary “Welcome to Sodom”, that was released in Austrian cinemas in 2018. In their workshop you will not only learn the basics on how to record sound on location, but you will also get tips about sound design and film music.


Felix Sturmberger und Jürgen Kloihofer


Workshop #2 „Text/Essay/Film”

Lisa Truttmann is a filmmaker and artist who presents her installations, films and video in cinemas as well as in exhibition spaces. Her essayist documentary Tarpaulins was presented at international festivals and in cinemas in 2017/18. In her workshop you can try out how a wild mix of ideas, genres, and ways of going about making film can become an essay film, and what that cinematographic form is all about.


Lisa Truttmann


Workshop #3 „Cinemagramme”

Silvia Wimmer and Birgit Reisenberger teach media practice, visual art, and mathematics at the BRG Fadingerstraße in Linz. In their workshop you will create a digital flip book set to sound.

Silvia Wimmer
Birgit Reisenberger


Workshop #4 „Run and gun mit DSLR und DSLM”

David Panhofer works together with Manuel Diepold as a self-employed video producer and teaches Video & Film at the HBLA for Artistic Design in Linz. In this workshop you will film with a DSLR or DSLM and receive numerous practical tips for spontaneous and quick shoots.


David Panhofer


Workshop #5: „Born to perform”

Next to her training as an art educator, Magdalena Neuburger is a fashion designer and a certified dance educator. Her career as a dancer started as a passion for acting that led her to musical and then later on to specialize in urban dance styles. In this workshop you will learn a choreography to Hip Hop music, with a focus placed on the performance being effective on camera.

Magdalena Neuburger


Workshop #6 „Do the Rotomotion”

Wolfgang Hoffelner teaches “design concepts” at the FH in Hagenberg, as well as “digital media” at the Art University in Linz and media design at the BORG Bad Leonfelden. In his workshop you will transform real life film recordings into compelling animations using the technique of rotoscoping.


Wolfgang Hoffelner


Workshop #7 „Cool Lighting Tricks”

Bernhard Pusch runs a film production company with a studio in Linz. He is a professional when it comes to clever lighting in advertising films, which is exactly what his workshop is about.


Bernhard Pusch


Workshop #8 „Background/Foreground – Set/Costume Design”

Monika Buttinger ("Die Migrantigen") and Christine Ludwig ("Nev´rland") are costume designers, Pia Jaros ("Die letzte Party deines Lebens") and Christoph Kanter ("Wilde Maus") are set designers in cinema and television. 

In these workshops you will be able to explore artistic possibilities and interplay in film. They offer two workshops that build upon each other but can also be taken separately. In the theoretical first part (9:00-11:00) you will learn everything about basic concepts of the job through film clips and photos and will get important tips for career orientation. In the practical second part (11:30-13:30) you can create your own moodboard to a given script scene after a short introduction. 


Christoph Kanter
Pia Jaros
Monica Buttinger
Christine Ludwig


Workshop #9 „Impro-Theater”

In their consecutive workshops, Julia Frisch and Karin Schmid offer exciting glimpses behind the scenes of improvisational theater.

Julia Frisch lives in Linz as an actress, narrator and theater pedagogue and has been working in the field of improvisational theater since 2014. She is a founding member of the new improvisation group Theater Treibgut, which started in 2018. https://www.julia-frisch.at

Karin Schmid is an actress, writes and produces her own projects and is currently preparing her UK tour of her play TABU. She has been performing improvisation theater for 15 years and  has been artistic director of the theatre group Treibgut since 2017, with whom she appears monthly on stage in Theater Phönix in Linz. https://www.karin-schmid.com


Julia Frisch
Karin Schmid


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