1717 Kilometrov Poletja 2009

1717 Kilometers of Summer 2009

A small homage to the Balkan Peninsula. Also a Super 8mm record of a summer filled with idiotic excursions, false goals, prodigal waste, disappointed loves, galling personal insufficiencies, half-witted associations, but a rather memorable and pleasant summer nonetheless. Also a road movie, a romance, an experiment, a poem without sense and sensibility, without rhythm and rhyme…

Director's Biography
JURIJ MEDEN, geboren 1977 in Ljubljana. Filmemacher, Filmjournalist und Kurator, lebt und arbeitet in Ljubljana. Von 2005 bis 2007 Programmkoordination bei Crossing Europe Film Festival. Zur Zeit Mitarbeiter beim Slowenischen Filmmuseum (Slovenska kinoteka).

Filme (Auswahl): Zazna Movanci (The Marked, 2009, KF), Les Hautes Solitudes 2000 (2010, KF), Tree Again ... and Again (and Three Birds) (2010, KF), 1717 Kilometrov Poletja 2009 (1717 Kilometers of Summer 2009, 2010, Dok)
Local Artists 2011
Jurij Meden
Slovenia / Croatia / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Suriname / Montenegro / Kosovo 2010
27 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Jurij Meden
Cinematography Vlado Škafar, Jurij Meden
Editing Jurij Meden
Sound/Sounddesign Paulo Raposo
Music Paulo Raposo