The director calls his toxic genre blend a “dystopic slapstick film”, which is set in the passageways of a sewer system, bunkers, and dark cellars, without windows, without daylight, without escape. Chaplin’s tramp turns into a man in a monkey mask, who takes in an abandoned child and hesitantly looks for a place for his charge in the violent and zombie world he inhabits. Along with the complex textures of silent films, Pfaffenbichler also uses elements of splatter and exploitation films and sitcoms—and an extremely eclectic soundtrack of music. (Stefan Grissemann)

Director's Biography
Norbert Pfaffenbichler (*1967, Steyr, Upper Austria) is an artist and curator. He graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Masterclass for Media. Various participations in festivals and exhibitions, founding member of VIDOK and lanolin.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
2551.01 (2020) - CAMERA (Notes on Film 10) (2015, short; CE'16) - Odessa Crash Test (Notes on Film 09) (2014, short; CE ’15) - A Masque of Madness (Notes on Film 06-B, Monologue 02) (2013, short; CE ’14) - Conference (notes on film 05) (2011, short; CE'12) - Intermezzo (Notes on Film 04) (2011, short; CE'12) - Mosaik Mécanique (2007, short; CE'08)
2021: CROSSING EUROPE Award – Local Artist
Local Artists 2021
Norbert Pfaffenbichler
Austria 2021
black and white, tinted
65 minutes
without dialogue
Cinematography Martin Putz
Sound/Sounddesign Eric Spitzer
Music Simon Spitzer, Wolfgang Frisch
With Stefan Erber, David Ionescu, Anton Böck
Producer(s) Norbert Pfaffenbichler
World Sales
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2021 / Diagonale 2021

This movie contains strobe lights!