66 Sezón

66 Seasons

66 Seasons: the span of time the Košice public pool has existed. Starting from this location Peter Kerekes follows his main theme, the relation of time and memory. The film travels through historic events, testimonies alternate with archive footage, and the director himself enters into memories. Kerekes has his very own style of doing interviews, always trying to actualize the past in a playful way. For instance when talking to an old lady: „Which of the young men at the poolside looks most like your husband 40 years ago? That one over there? Or maybe you prefer the cameraman?“

Panorama Special · Closer View 2004
Peter Kerekes
Slovakia 2003
color & black and white
86 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Peter Kerekes
Cinematography Martin Kollár
Editing Marek Šulík
Music Marek Piacek
Peter Kerekes Vištuk 277 SK-900 85 T +42 1 905255698 kerekes@nextra.sk